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    My mom and dad got divorced and I started to live with my dad well my mom is up in California and I am in Michigan my dad found this girl who had a 18 year old son I was only 16 his name was Jake his mom was marrying my dad and I was okay with that so I wear these tight underwear to bed because they feel comfortable and I wore a short tank top I woke up and my father told me to do the dishes well my dad and Jake's mom we're going out so I did so I was still wearing my short tank top and my tight underwear Jake woke up he was watching TV in the living room he started to give me a weird glare well I was washing dishes and then emptying the dishwasher to put them in the cabinet and I started to look back and then he looked away and watch the TV again I knew he was looking at me so I kept doing it then I went to my room then starting to get turned on thinking how he would be my step brother and he's looking at me like that and I really liked it so our parents came back and they came back around 12:00 at night so the next day they went out for wedding shopping to get rings and all that and I was stuck home with my soon-to-be step brother and I was doing my chores he kept looking at me and I started to get wet again so I finished with my chores quickly and I went to my room to masturbate because I couldn't handle it I started morning very loud and I think Jake heard me he opened my room and saw me masturbating I just pulled him into bed and undressed him and started to suck his cock then he went down on me and started licking my clit and sucking on my pussy it felt so goddamn good our parents said they won't be coming home until 1:30 a.m. at night so we have plenty of time to have fun I started grinding on his cock while he was laying on his back and I started to ride his dick oh my God it felt amazing and I told him you're going to be the best step brother ever then he started fucking me doggy style and I started to moan very loud and then we both came and we both started cleaning up and he went back to watch TV and I just stayed in my room and relax about a week later our parents were getting married we were at the church and I don't like the color white that much so I put black on my dress to and my soon-to-be Stepbrother looks so fucking hot in his fucking tux I had to help him do his tie and while I was helping him he said you're going to be the best step sister my dad was telling his vows to his soon-to-be wife and I couldn't wait I was happy for my father but I was happy for me too because my soon-to-be stepbrother would be my step-brother so they got married and they went on their honeymoon went to Florida for their honeymoon and that means they left us alone at the house for 3 weeks and oh my God that was Heaven because my step brother was my step brother now and that gave us time to get to know each other and he started sleeping in my room for 3 weeks because we would fuck so much we would get so tired he fucked me three times a day for three weeks it was so fucking good on the last day that we had Alone Together before our parents came back me and him have some fun together we did the position 69 it was so fucking good he ate my pussy so well I couldn't stop sucking his dick it tastes so good he told me that he didn't want a girlfriend because he already felt like he had one and I'm like what do you mean and he told me you're like my girlfriend I don't even need a girlfriend because I already have one and I'm like I don't think I need a boyfriend either we wanted to marry each other when we got older but we didn't think that was the best choice because our parents would be mad but our parents caught us one day and didn't say a word they just shut the door and went to their room and I heard them moaning especially my new mom they wanted us to be together so we fucked until we got older and we never told each other that we were step brother and step sister to
    anyone because we wanted to marry each other when we got older so we changed our last names and we got married our parents are proud of us but my mom in California thinks I'm a disgrace but I don't really care because I was happy me and Jake had two beautiful children we had a boy and we named him Hunter and then we had a girl and we named her violet so this is not the end of the story yet because it gets even better a few years later after they were born Violet was the age 13 and Hunter was the age 14 we put them in the same room because we didn't have any space so the room was separated Violet had one side and Hunter had the another side so me and my husband just got home from the store they were old enough to stay home by their self we heard masturbating and heard moaning in the kids room and we took a peek and the kids were fucking each other he saw us and they started to freak out I told him it was okay and keep doing what they were doing so we went to our room me and Jake I will start fucking because it turned us on so well just like our parents did so our daughter and son wanted to marry and we didn't say a word because we just let them so I think the tradition is going down over and over so that's the end of my story and it's true I am married to my step-brother

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