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    Lesbian Female / 47

    My mother came out to me when I returned home after college before I would leave again for a job in D.C. I screamed at her, how could she do that to Daddy. She was his F wife, WIFE. I did not empathize. She stayed in her marriage allowing my father to find a young lover.

    I met her in my second year at work. I had been accepted at Cornell for Graduate School. Leaving her behind was unthinkable, I just couldn't. I decided not to go to Cornell. I moved in with her.

    My mother came to D.C. to find out what I was thinking, she showed up at our apartment unannounced and found that only one bed had been slept in. Found our dirty clothes on the floor of the bedroom, dirty clothes, hair brushes, toothbrushes, make-up and my good earrings in the bathroom. The bed was still warm, she had caught us before we had gotten up that morning.

    She ordered me to Cornell, "you go and don't you dare come back without a husband!". And she yelled at my girl "get out of here, leave my daughter alone". It was her apartment I had moved into.

    I went to Cornell, met a young man from the Medical School in N. Y., got married after he graduated and went with him to be his wife while he completed his residency. I let my 'embarrassment' slide into the background, made Daddy proud with his first two granddaughters, I strived to be a good wife. My husband's acceptance of me riled my life. His happiness and relief of his stress from his Medical practice was predominant in my heart and mind. And my girls growing up at home.

    When I 'messed' up and did the unthinkable I thought of my mother. How could I do that to my girl's Daddy? I stopped, kept my secret tryst to myself. I renewed my vows, I renewed my life. My mother passed and our conversation after I went home after college was never talked about again. She never told anyone of what she found in D.C. that morning. I met her special friend at her funeral, she told me in that short moment to honor my husband, as my mother had honored my father.

    I am my husband's wife, I am a lesbian woman as was my mother.

    Thank you,

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