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    Straight Male / 54

    This site will NOT show my correct age!. I am now 74 not 54.

    I am the oldest of 7 kids. Ruth is the youngest being 17 years younger than myself. I never married and did 30 plus years in the U.S. AIR FORCE. I retired at age of 51 a senior master sergeant so I'm not hurting for much of anything. I purchased 40 acres of beautiful wooded land in North Mississippi. About 15 miles from tupilo. Totally off grid had a top engineering firm design and build my house. It was designed to withstand hurican winds of 300 mph.

    Got notified that my baby sister was gravely ill with cancer and was asking for me. Through some clothes into a bag and left for Arizona. Drove stright through for 26 hours.

    This all happen when I was 61 and Ruth was 44. She wants me to raise her 10 year old daughter. Getting lots of flack from my other 5 sisters so I called in my attorney and had him put everything in leagle language and had Ruth sign with her doctors as witnesses. My niece Kristen I had only seen her 3 times in her life. 2 days after my sister passed. As the youngest I never got to be there much for her. I got more letters from her than all the others put together except mom. I would do anything I could for my ruthie. I came home from Germany for her 8th grade graduate. Didn't tell anyone I was coming and watch her coming down the ramp stepped out and picked her up in my arms. She almost passed out.

    Now Kristen is 16 and in high school. I've been out scouting for deer season and get home later than expected. Walking through the door Kristen jumped into my arms. Said I better not even do that again. Said I was her uncle but also the only dad she has ever had. Ruth had never gotten married. So now I'm the only person in her life that she loves. I'm now 74 and my Kristen is 23. I will be walking her down the aisle in a little over a month from now. I told her I will try not to cry but don't count on it. No promises. She is the best thing that has ever happened to and for me. Thanks to my baby sister Ruth. I have had her body moved and buried on our land here. I have left everything to my little girl Kristen. I love you with all my heart. You are truly my daughter. If you get a DNA test you will find out.

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    Well hell. That sure took a turn I was not expecting. Tell us how your younger sister got pregnant. You two play around a lot??
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    We're all related in some way. ("Strangers are just family that you have yet to come to know")

    Glad you're looking after your own.
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    Ok for number 1 I came home on leave when mom was sick and again when she was on her death bed. She had sold the house and was living with Ruth. My other sisters were to busy with their families so mom's last days were in hospes. The evening mom passed Ruth was upset and I was holding her as she cried herself to sleep. Just trying to comfort her I started undress her for bed. After removing her clothes she wouldn't turn me loose. I got horne and remove mine to. I ended up fucking my little sister that entire night. I came inside her all three times. Now she's pregnant with my niece/daughter.
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    Well, I don't know how to print this. I hate to call the original writer a lie but I too spent over 30 years in the USAF before retiring. After enlisting at the age of 18 (The youngest you could enlist back then.) I retired 30 years, 1 month. 28 days and 2 hours (LOL). Okay, I have a hearing loss I obtained in the service so my Air Force doctor told me to apply for retirement and her would send me to Texas for a physical. Had to take a hearing test and was disqualified for military service. So, they assigned and attorney and we met with the retirement committee and they took only a few minutes to tell me that I was going to retire anyway so they didn't have to give me anything, which they didn't. Now to explain my 30 years, 1 month, 28 days and 2 hours. It's just a joke but true. I enlisted on the east coast (Eastern time) and retired in the Midwest (Mountain time) on 1 Oct i978. That accounts for my time. So 30 years would be 3 Aug 1978 which means 28 days Sept is the 1 month and 2 hours difference in eastern and mountain time (LOL). 30 years, 1 month, 28 days and 2 hours. Right? And I retired as a Chief Master Sergeant.
    Now, I did go to the Veterans Hospital after my retirement, they tested me again and gave me 50% tax free. They claimed they were only allowed to give 45% for Hearing loss but the 50% was never taken away. Is that enough? Sorry I took so much of your time but in the meantime I probably caused a lot of 18 year old's to join the AIR FORCE. SOMF. (SMILE ON MY FACE)


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