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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    To me it was not much of a surprise, to others maybe not. At the time I was an energetic just turned 35 year old traveling the world on behalf of the company I worked for. My job was in Supply Chain and I went to various suppliers to work out kinks in the chain, check on standards, sometimes to line up new suppliers. I had been trained by a senior Supply Chain manager and he gave me all the rope I needed to become the best in the field.

    We opened a new line and the company wanted to line up a supply chain out of Mexico, right next door. After all those trips to Korea, China and Thailand, Mexico seemed like a waste of time. But I went because I was sent. The company was really an assembler using materials produced in China. They had small operation, not enough to be our supplier, the volume just wasn't there. The quality was also not that good, good enough for Mexico but not good enough for the US Retail Market. I had to turn them down.

    Paco the owner was surprised, he felt that he had what we needed and for him we would have been a good deal. I suffered through his presentation, his complaint really, trying to convince me that in fact they could produce what we needed, keeping in mind that meant that the Chinese product had to be improved because he just assembled. He was persuasive and we ended up going to dinner. After dinner he offered to show me his house. He lived alone, the house was big and he had lots of art on the walls and sculptures of various sizes, the decorating was professional, everything worked together real well. He had one servant, Jose, a man in his sixties. Jose was just a little bit too presentable, his pants a little too tight and his shoes a little too polished.

    We had a drink by the pool, he was still selling and I was doing my best not to encourage him. The night was clear and warm and his pool was very nice and he said that we should take a dip and maybe have a drink in the jacuzzi. He called Jose who brought out two large towels and robes like the ones you get at fine hotels. Paco stripped down to his nothing, he just got naked and asked me to join him. He jumped in the pool, obviously an accomplished swimmer. I was not ready for that and didn't join him. He got out and standing there beside me totally naked persuaded me to undress, with Jose's help of course, who took each pieced of clothing and folded it nicely and set it on a chair as he had done with Paco's clothes.

    I had never skinny dipped and it felt very strange standing naked with this man who took me by the hand and jumped in the pool. The water was warm and we swam around a bit and he suggested we get in the jacuzzi and we sat across from each other while Jose brought us fresh drinks. I supposed I relaxed a bit too much and without warning he put his drink on the side and pushed himself under water towards me and bit my dick. A bite, small definite bite. He surfaced took a deep breath and went down again and shoved my hand aside and took my dick in his mouth and held onto it with his teeth, not biting in but certainly making me very aware that he could bite my dick off.

    He stood up on the step and put his dick towards my face and said he wanted me to make him a very happy man. He repeated we were alone, of course Jose was over there watching, he offered me his dick again, he took my head in his hands and put his dick on my face and told me to open my mouth. Paco voice changed and it was a command, like when he spoke to Jose. His dick was all over my face and he got hard enough that he pushed his dick on my lips until I opened my mouth and he got his dick in. It was a minute or more before I started to suck on it, or maybe he fucked his dick in and out of my mouth.

    He called out to Jose who left to get his room ready and he invited me to go with him, he had my dick in his hand and he pulled on me to go with him. He told me that I should relax, nothing was better than what we were going to do. His room was big with a large round bed and it was decorated with erotic Greek prints, it had the ceiling mirror and the wall mirrors and Jose standing by to help. Here he said we can be men, no women to bother us, no children to beg, here we could be men the way that men have been together since the earliest Greek got together to have fun.

    Jose turned on the TV which had no sound but had clips of men having sex, masturbating, sixty nine, kissing lovingly, r****g, I watched standing there naked while Paco held my dick in his hand. He asked me what I liked, I shook my head and he pulled me over to the bed and he sat down and sucked my dick until I was rock hard, he pulled me on top of him and we started together to kiss and grind our dicks together. He shoved me down to suck him, he got down in sixty nine, hands everywhere, he called for Jose who brought over some warm stuff and while he held me on top of him Jose lubed my ass, Jose stuck his finger in my ass while we were kissing and rubbing dicks together, he whispered if I wanted Jose to fuck me and he told Jose to go ahead. Jose was big I guess and he had years of experience and he fucked me while Paco held me on top of him, I had trouble holding myself up with Jose on top. A command and Jose withdrew and Paco got out for under me and adopted a crouched position and Jose lubed him up and struck sending his dick into Paco while Paco asked for more. Jose finished by pumping him full of his cum and Paco asked Jose to kiss him before Jose got off the bed. The mirror on the ceiling had us both naked on the bed, our limp dicks in full view and Jose bringing warm towels to clean us up.

    I recommended that my company work with Paco to assemble from higher quality China product and to help finance an expansion of his facility. Paco always finds the right gifts for me, erotic paintings and drawings of big dicks and boys, key chains of hard dicks, dick kissing videos, soft erotic artistic drawings of his dick. Paco has a dick fetish and his favorite dick is Jose's, and Jose serves his master well. I have to say that Jose knows how to fuck, he takes his time, he knows the ins and outs, pardon the pun, and he can get you up until with one final shove he shoots his cum and milks your dick with his hand. Jose's a pro. That wooden mahogany dick in the living room, that's Jose in his youth when Paco first met him. Paco is our largest supplier for this line, and his quality is certainly good enough and his volume has increased to meet the demand. I got brownie points for lining him up.

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