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    Straight Female / 39

    My name is Jo. But all through High School my nickname was Tits. I went through puberty in a flash and came out the other end with big tits for a thirteen year old and my older brother nicknamed me Tits. He called me Tits, in public, at the dinner table, in front of his friends. Other boys called me Tits and the fresher ones called me Tits to my face. Some of the girls started calling me Tits and by the time I was in the ninth grade I was just Tits.

    The school we went to in Norther California where my father worked for the state forestry service was in a town where everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew everyone's business. In that town I am still known as Tits. It isn't so much that someone says Hi Tits, it is more like can you call Tits and see if she wants to come. But my mother still calls me Tits.

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    Your tits obviously got you a lot of attention. Did you like it when they were played with? Did they attract the attention of men that shouldn't have been m****ting you?

    You say you filled out at 13, how long after your blossoming did it take for some boy or man to get into your virgin slit? Did that open the floodgates for you? Turn you promiscuous?
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    Nothing to feel sad or depressed about.Most girls are jealous of you and most boys don't have the balls to enjoy you.
    Most girls are depressed about not having adequate assets,you have them so rejoice.
    Don't fall for their provocation,follow a career and rise and shine.

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