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    Lesbian Female / 32

    I have been together with my partner for three years. We decided to buy this house in the suburbs and moved in. The master bedroom has a large patio door that leads onto a balcony. We enjoy the feeling of getting it on with the trees and the wind, we leave the door open and enjoy ourselves.

    I go next door to talk to the lady and ask her if it is OK for me to have a package delivered. She invites me in, asks a lot of questions and wants me to sit down, I learn about her family and her kids. I don't ask but she wants to show me around and takes me through the house, upstairs to the bedrooms. The boy's bedroom, he is 14, has a window facing our house. The window looks right over the glass door in our bedroom. The curtains were open at our house and from his window you get a straight unobstructed view of the large vanity mirror in our room, which reflects our bed.

    The boy had a straight, via mirror view of our activities. The mother stood there and told me that from now on I needed to shut my curtains. In all honesty I lost it and asked her why she didn't have her son close his.

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    Spoil the son about what you do, then his mom!!
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    Simply put, she expected you to be embarrassed at the idea of a teenaged boy peeping in your bedroom window and getting live lesbian sex shows several nights a week. If you don't care, it's up to her to rein in her son since he's the one doing the peeping.

    Having said that, have you looked at his window in the night now that you know how things line up? Is he standing there nude, trying to either masturbate in the dark or show off for you with the lights on late in the evening?
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    I was 13, a boy and was visiting my mom's best friend who has two sons 15 and 16. We'd smoke pot up in their room while our moms were either out or drinking wine talking about old times.

    Before too long my boyish femininity was too much for those two and we were having oral sex and they also popped my cherry ass. The neighbors next door were watching all of it through the opposite bedroom windows.

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