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    Straight Female / 25

    I was 15 when two boys lure me into our building swimming pool bathroom, dropped their pants and showed me their dicks. I knew both of them because they lived in my building and one of them went to my same school. They were both older than I was and being stuck in that bathroom, I couldn't really avoid looking at them. I had never seen a hard penis and as embarrassed as I felt, it was also very sexually arousing. I remember being pinned against the wall with my skirt lifted, panties pulled to the side saying "nice pussy" I remember getting fingered was terribly embarrassing and so sacared of someone finding out I didn't scream. In fact I never said anything and would have died if my parents had ever known about it. Years have passed and came to think about the experince as wild flying teeage hormones experimeting with sex.

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    I had something similar happen to me when I was 12 in the park. I hadn't really thought about sex before but I'd go to the park against my mother's wishes wearing the cutest sundress with matching panties and all. The three boys who I was crushing on exposed themselves to me behind the field house, lifted up the flared skirt of my flowered sundress and made fun of my lack of pubic hair when they pulled my panties aside. After a embarrassing succession of fingering they had anal sex with me so I could stay a virgin...wasn't that nice of them.
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    OP, did you date either of the boys after the incident? Did either of them ever approach you again for sex?

    #1, Did the experience put you off of anal sex completely? Or is it part of your grown up sexual repertoire? Did any of the three boys ever ask you out? Become the one that popped the cherry they let you keep that day?

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