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    Straight Male / 22

    "don't go anywhere near that house!" was what I was told, stay away from the people there; was the warning I was given when I moved into the room I was renting from an old couple. I just thought that meant they didn't get on with whoever lived there.

    So after a little while curiosity got the better of me, I started watching to see who lived there and after a short while I gathered it was two men; so what was so bad.

    I saw over the next few weeks that they seemed popular with the amount of visitors hey seemed to get in the evenings, mostly men and the odd woman who spend a few hours there.

    So I really wondered why it was so bad, what could they be doing to offend my landlords so bad?

    I started adding their house onto the route I jogged, random times of the morning and always in the late evening; passing by a couple of time during my circuit.

    One night I could hear the sounds of grunting and slapping, very guttural and not loud but carried in the quiet of the neighbourhood.

    It dawned on me that maybe they were a couple, like a gay real life couple; so maybe that's why the landlords were not happy, they had gays in the neighbourhood.

    What is so bad about that?

    Now fast forward a little bit, I had caught their notice; they sometimes were near the front and they waved as I jogged by.

    One day as they waved I slowed down and rested against their fence taking a breather; they came over and introduced themselves as Jeff and Gary.

    We talked a little bit, they commented on how dedicated I was to jogging; I said it's great for stamina.

    Over the next few weeks I stopped by and chatted to them, they seemed really cool and friendly.

    To appease the landlords, I did this when I knew they wouldnt be around.

    So one evening they invited me in for a beer, offering me a towel to wipe my sweat off.

    We sat around for over an hour laughing and chatting until I asked why my Landlords didnt like them and straight up they said they were gay and those landlords of mine were really closed minded.

    I said I was not bothered, they were great blokes and nice to chat too; both were very happy to hear that.

    So offering me a tour of the house, they showed me around; when we got to the door to the basement which they explained was their entertainment area and maybe I was not up for seeing that.

    I asked what so bad about that, they told me it was their play space and it clicked. "Oh"

    They were both cool if I wanted to skip but I was honestly intrigued.

    It was really tasteful, one area was a bar some couches and a music system; very chic and obviously not cheap.

    I asked what was behind the curtained area, they said that was the play space.

    I've seen porn, I've seen hard porn, bondage etc... but never had I been in a space that was equipped for it.

    I walked forward and they just stood and watched as I explored, they said what things were for; a swing, a bondage chair and what they called a sleep sack.

    there were various toys, restraints and other paraphenalia strewn about it was a very well equipped space.

    They told me that they hired it out to people, let friends use it and hosted the odd party.

    "You ever done any of this?" asked Jeff, I shook my head and said "No"

    "Wanna try?"

    I took a few breaths, did I want to try it? did they want sex with me? I was pretty much still a virgin, never gotten all the way with anyone.

    "Do you mean sex or just try the toys?"

    "Both, either. its up to you"


    "Ok? to what?"

    "Can I just see how we go? I'm not worried that your guys, I'm just not sure how far I want to go"

    "Unde rstood, how about you just try what you want?"

    "Can I try the swing, it looks the least scary piece of furniture"

    "Tell you what, let me and Gary take care of you and I'm sure you'll ebjoy it"

    So with a bit of nerves I followed them over and stripped like they said, "no one uses this fully clothed, well at least not in the clothes your wearing"

    So here i was naked, and being helped to sit in the sling; my body being adjusted to sit in the right place, hands being told to hold onto the grips.

    "It's comfy" I told them and they chuckled

    "so up for the restraints?"

    I jist nodded as they each took a set of leather cuffs and locked my arms in place, a handcuff manacle around my wrists locked them in place whilst they then lifted me legs into the holds, a belt across each thigh holding them in place.

    I was seroiously aroused and they commented on my rather large erection, the way they were teasing me was quite fun.

    I watched as they kissed, thier hands wandering down their bodies I watched engrossed in how great they looked as thir tops came off, quickly soon they were both naked and watching me watch them.

    Gary dropped to his knees and quickly took Jeff's stiff member into his eager mouth, with Jeffs hands taken a grasp of his head as he began to buck.

    "Gary's very good, he such a good cock whore" said Jeff, keeping his eyes on me as he fucked Gary's mouth.

    I was pulling on the restraints but I couldnt budge, I just sat there unable to do anything.

    "Do you want to play now?" asked Jeff,

    "Yes, fucking hell YES" I shouted

    "What do you want boy?"

    "Please, I want to cum so bad, help me please?"

    &q uot;Good Boy! Gary up now!"

    Gary quickly stopped what he was doing, "So Gary the new boy here wants to cum, what should we get in exchange?"

    Gary stood there pretending to mull it over, "I want his arse!"

    I shook my head, "OH, you dont want to cum then boy"

    I still wanted to cum so bad, but I was so unsure about them using my arse.

    "Too bad, how about me and Gary go to bed and you can let yourself out" said a smilng Jeff, pointing to my rather bound state.

    "Gary go get the sensory hood and the padlock!"

    I mentally shat myself seeing the rather severe looking device.

    "Now boy, we've watched you watch us for some time. You've teased us in those jogging shorts of yours, your swaet covered muscles and now you've used our gear!"

    I just watched as Gary started to unzip the hood and loosen the laces and straps.

    "So what do you want, to chicken out after coming this far; to regret what could have been so fun?"

    "The hood, Gary's got will make things seem more intense; no sight, no sound, no ability to talk. It will make you want for every touch, so do you want us to leave you to get yourself loose, or do you want to take this further?"

    Gary held the hood, the leather starting to be pulled down over my head

    "3,2,1!" I was still frozen as the hood was fully pulled into place, plunging me into darkness.

    I didnt argue...

    I then woke up from my fucking wet dream, trying to piece together all the thoughts in my head.

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