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    Straight Male / 20

    I met a girl who lives pretty close online. She was a bit chubby, but was working on it which was good. She also valued relationship and love a lot. After awhile of being with her and chatting about our kinks, I managed to make her into my sex toy pretty much. Kinda started when i began telling her when she can masturbate, then as time went on she asked to be more forceful, hitting, chocking, she is quite into masochist. She gets extremely wet from it.

    Well basically she no longer sees us dating but sees herself as my fuck toy. And when asked if she wants considers us dating she says all she wants to be is my personal fuck toy, for me to use as i like. I have her now in a collar and leashed. Im also dating someone else now.

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    I love to fuck fatties, low self-esteem, body image problems and they do whatever you want sexually just to have someone to like them.
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    You got her where you want her now. What next? Are you going to loan her out to friends as a cum catcher? Rent her to bachelor parties as a no condom, all holes, whore? Have her give your thin, real, dates oral after you blow your load in them so they don't have to go home with a dirty pussy?
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    she isn't really fat, and had quite a high self esteem but i kinda managed to reduce her down. And now she begs for more and loves it.

    Good idea maybe i can make her eat out and serve my actual dates.

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