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    Straight Male / 52

    I've done it before, and sometimes I feel like crap about it. I fucked a homeless woman, probably in her 30's but looked 40's. I had a rubber and offered her a meal from McD's and $ 25. I got her the meal, we went behind some dumpsters in an alley and she bent over pulled her sweatpants down and her panties down to her knees and offered herself to me. I made her stand up and face me. I opened her blouse and pulled out her saggy tits. I sucked them, then bent her back over and played with her tits while I fucked her. I pulled off the rubber and came on her pussy and pushed a lot of my sperm into her just fucked hole. Then I left.

    I know people will say what an A-hole I am, and I guess I really am.

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    at least you know you're an asshole.
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    That is not fair. You know she submitted to your whim for a little money and meal in good faith. You are not only an ass hole but a cheater.

    If I were you I would have taken her in my home, let her have a good bath, have a meal together and have good sex for the whole night. She will return to me time and again.
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    Why did you bother coming on her pussy? Just stealth your cock from the get-go and leave your nut as deep inside her as you can. Maximize your chances of getting her pregnant and picking up whatever disease she has.
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    I also am addicted to having sex with homeless people. I have been checked many times for STDs. I don't know what it is but I do it so much I'm worried about getting pregnant. There would be no way to explain that to my husband or children.
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    #4, your motives at least look altruistic from the outside. Letting some poor homeless guy wet his wick for a few minutes with a respectable looking middle class woman has to be something these men dream about. OP on the other hand is taking advantage of their plight to keep himself supplied with desperate pussy to abuse on the cheap.

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