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    Straight Female / 38

    In my late thirties, divorced and without a quotable man around, I hired an 'escort'. He was bisexual if not gay, metrosexual, pretty in a sick way, his gym toned body a total turn off. I turned him away. Why in my mind I was expecting my ex I don't know. 45, beer gut, balding, obstinate, overbearing, self centered and into self gratification using my body and not his hand.

    I called my ex, apologized for the hour, told him what I had done, asked him to forgive me and if I could go see him. The sex was not improved, deja vu all over again, but comforting in a way I didn't expect. I slept with him and we had breakfast together.

    We are now 'fuck buddies', same old same old. Unlike some pretty boy on the clock, I can cuddle up and spend the night.

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    That’s right sweetie, and I’ll hold your head down on my cock while you gag a bit too.
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    Yet ANOTHER testament indicating & more importantly, underscoring female instinct. i.e. they know by nature they were created to attract & to please a man ; the rest is all theatre. Society, political correctness and foolish 'equality' issues will perpetually take a back seat to a dame's instinctive emotional need to feel a man deposit his semen at their very core. Or as well, to gag & choke as she is forced to swallow semen.


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