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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 11 years old I was riding my bike in the park. It was starting to get dark and I would be in trouble if I didn't get home before dark.

    Anyway, I was approached by a man who looked to be about 50. We started to talk and he offered me $10 if I would let him see my privates. I figured it was a harmless way to make a few bucks, so I agreed to do it.

    We went behind some bushes and I dropped my shorts and underwear. At that time I only had a thin band of pubic hair around the base of my penis, which was already about 3" long. The man then offered me another $10 if he could massage my penis. Again I agreed once he gave me the $20.

    He started to stroke my penis and it started to get hard. I then told the man I had to leave for home before it got dark. At that point he grabbed me and threatened to beat me unless I let him suck my penis. I was afraid he would beat me so I let him put my penis in his mouth.

    It wasn't long until I had my very first orgasm. I think it was dry, but I'm not sure.

    At that point the man wiped his mouth and I pulled up my pants. I hurried home just in time, but I avoided the park for quite a while.

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    I was the same age when a man approached me at a local park and offered me money to strip for him in a nearby wood, I agreed as I always wanted money and I saw no harm in it, As I undressed he pulled his dick out and started to stroke himself as he stared at me he picked up my underpants and sniffed them deeply moaning as he did so, Then he offered me more money to let him touch me nervously I agreed his hands and fingers were everywhere my dick, balls, my bum, my back and my nipples all along my legs everywhere, I became hard as he touched and stroked me,More money was offered if I would let him suck my dick I agreed curious to find out what that felt like I agreed he pushed me against a tree and told me to open my legs and relax I did as he knelt down licking then sucking my dick and balls his mouth was so wet and warm and he was breathing very deeply, I grabbed his head and told him I needed to pee he just moaned Mmmmmmmmmm! Deeply as my hips started to grind against his mouth as he sucked even harder I just stood there shaking and thrusting of course it was a dry cum but a powerful one I heard him grunt loudly and saw his cum jet out onto the leaves on the ground, As I recovered and got dressed he paid me and arranged to meet me there again the next day,That was the first of many times he met and paid me he even had me go to his house after a while and by the time I was 12 he was fucking me everywhere in his house in bed, in his kitchen, on his sofa even on his stairs, His favourite place was over the arm of his sofa, I learned how to suck him and swallow his cum, He loved seeing me after school in my uniform which he enjoyed taking off me he always sniffed my underpants sometimes when I was wearing them too, A few times Iâd stop by on my way to school and suck him off for extra money, When I hit 13 and I could cum properly he paid extra for me to cum in his mouth he loved pushing a finger into my bum while he sucked my cum out of me, I was his private personal rent boy until at 14 he was killed in a car accident I missed him and his money a lot, But I found a few guys at the local public toilets who would pay me for sex but none as regular as he was.
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    How the fuck do you guys find these people wtf

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