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    Straight Female / 28

    My grandparents had a small ranch in Colorado and I spent some of my summer vacation there. I learned to ride and swim there. I was eleven that summer and I wanted to ride to the 'rim' which was an hour away, I knew the way I had gone many times but my grandmother insisted that one of the ranch hands go with me. We rode and talked the whole way, well I guess I talked the whole way. When we got to the rim we got off and just looked at the view of the valley and I got the urge to pee. He cleaned a patch of grass to get rid of an snakes or bugs and stuff and told me to squat and hold onto his hand. With my legs open and my girly parts showing holding onto his hand looking into his eyes. When I finished I told him I didn't have anything to wipe and he gave me his handkerchief and I wiped myself and gave it back. I stood up and I let him pull my panties and pants up and tuck in my shirt and buckle my pants and with a great big hug he asked me if I was OK.

    I really do not know why that day I was so totally OK with letting him see my girly parts and watching me pee into the ground. He was my best friend on the ranch and my grandmother had him take care of me. I liked to get hugged by him, I was always hanging onto him. Sometimes he patted my butt and he sometimes gave me little kisses on the cheeks or my lips. I hugged around his legs and felt his 'belt buckle' against my chest. I won't say that I begged to be kissed but I must have, when he kissed my lips it felt so good. We went horseback riding a whole lot and we also went to the swimming hoke, which was a small pond about a hundred yards from the house. He never swam with me, but he let me swim all I wanted and I would flash him my buns before I jumped into the pond.

    I was seventeen and I was at the ranch and I asked him to take me to the rim and we rode off after lunch. I talked, now I really talked and talked and talked. He listed and listened and listened, and corrected me when I said something I knew nothing about. At the rim that afternoon I was determined to give him my virginity. I took a blanket with me, on the excuse that we would have a picnic. We got to the rim and I laid the blanket on the ground and laid on my back and asked him to sit beside me. I held his hand, I wanted him to caress me and I put his hand against my face. I had to get brave and I sat up and asked him if he thought I was pretty. When he said yes I asked why he never showed me that I was pretty. I asked him if he loved me and he said yes he loved me and he would always take care of me. I asked if he really loved me then why didn't he ever kiss me, I loved him more than anyone.

    He said I was a pretty 'little' girl and one day I was going to grow up and be a handsome woman and if I ever needed him I knew he was always there for me. I was so frustrated and I asked him right out to fuck me. He put his fingers on my lips and told me that no lady ever spoke like that and he was going to pretend that he never heard me say that and that we needed to get up and go back to the house. He never took me to the rim again, or went down to the pond with me when I wanted to swim. That summer my heart was broken into a million pieces. I never seemed to find anyone to like, I dreamt of being with him every night, all the way through college. He sat across from me on the porch, he saddled my horse, he went down to the pond to make sure it was safe but he never kissed me and didn't let me hug him. I died inside every time I saw him.

    My grandmother saw all this and would tell me that I needed to find a man my age from my station in life. But I longed for him and longed for him and longed for him. I was twenty five years old and I went to him and told him I was a woman now and not a little girl and I expected him to treat me like a woman and I was all his and I was never going to be anyone else's. His eyes said it all, he looked at me and told me 'Missy, you are a woman, but you need to grow up. I have a woman, she lives in town". And that was that, my heart would never heal after that.

    The ranch is gone now and he lives in town and works at the feed and grain store and when I come to town he is always nice to me and asks if there is anything he can do for me. I tell him that I still love him and that's that. But I have to drive back to my home, it's a three hour drive to Boulder where I manage a Bed and Breakfast and live alone.

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    Sad...For you, it was the right love at the wrong time. For him,...who knows how he actually felt. Time heals all wounds. I know this sounds Cleashae, (spelling) but you do need to move on. I've lost certain people in life that I thought I was in love with, but over time I moved on. I still think about them, but I know that its over. Garth Brooks has a song called, Unanswered Prayers. In time you may see things differently. Try to meet someone and build a relationship, and a life with them. Then you may see things in a much different light.
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    I've said it before on this website, and I'll say it again. There are over 7 Billion people in this world. Why are you letting just one of them make you miserable? Whether he is dong it intentionally or not, you need to open up and let life happen. You may be surprised what awaits you. Good luck, and best wishes.

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