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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    i have never been "faithful" to my lovers. i enjoy being with them, and we are good together, but i don't want to be with just one person all the time. i am not into group, so don't even go there, i make a new friend and if we are hitting it off, i don't see any reason not to really enjoy each other intimately. some of my "friends" that i am not intimate with, think i am just being a slut. i'm not! i just think being a real friend means sharing our most intimate thoughts, emotions, and ourselves with each other.

    a true friend

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    Do your boyfriends know you have these other friends with benefits? Are they allowed to go looking for friendly pussy outside the confines of your relationship?

    If you said "yes" to both questions, you may have a non-monogamous relationship of some sort, but I don't know I would call the boy your "lover" since that implies some level of exclusivity.

    If you said "No" to either question? You are being a textbook cheater and/or slut, depending on how quickly your panties fall off after meeting someone new.

    Your friends aren't being overly judgmental. They're being honest. If the only ones assuring you that everything is OK are the ones you've let fuck you, take it as truth that they are biased in favor of continuing to empty their nuts in your willing holes.
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    i am open and honest about my outlook on friendships and do not make any expectation to have any hold on anyone. i do not throw my legs open for everyone either. if i enjoy a person's company and there is chemistry between us, we deeply enjoy each other in intimacy too--no games, no expectation, no hookup convenience. i am not a girl to call and have a quick fuck either. if your playing a game, i don't play games--those are the people that think i'm a slut or a tease. i don't tease either. i can tell when a person just wants to get me in bed, that's not what i am about. i don't do convenience sex!
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    Then the claim that you are faithless is built on a lie. If your whole outlook is based on having no expectations of exclusivity on either side, it is pretty much impossible to be unfaithful by definition. You're an unattached woman with a selective list of partners who know better than to think they can leave their seduction skills at the curb after they bed you the first time.
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    it doesn't change those calling me a slut for my views.
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    Might I recommend the book The Ethical Slut?

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