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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    We have sex almost regularly. we are both in our mid-30s and have good enough bi-sexual experience. My bf has a thick 7" cock that I admire and enjoy sex with. But soon after he comes into me, irrespective of whether I have orgasmed of not, he disengages and goes to sleep. I wish to have his cock inside me with little movements so that I can feel its length and girth, and go on enjoying it is throbbing as I squeeze it with my pussy muscles. He can take missionary position or I riding his cock to have this sensation for hours before I cannot hold on any longer!

    It is difficult to ask this desire of mine to him as he is more interested to have me getting his cock sucked. I do often dream of being fucked by a big black cock of which I have heard so many stories.

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    older black male here, wish i help you out with some black dick, i would take me time and ,make sure you enjoy all of my great dick, what state are you in.
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    Re: 1. Wish we could meet. But you may describe your actions if you don't mind.
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    Black male here hmu on Kik liljoka94
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    It seems he is very selfish.You have to tell him to lick, suck ,flick,rub and penetrate you manually before he empties his liad inside you.With multiple orgasns during foreplay,you won't want the thick sausage longer inside you.
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    Your boyfriend is a very poor boyfriend and lover IMHO. Tell him what you want/need sexually. If he still doesn't meet your needs, kick his ass to the curb.

    Or, you could go dominatrix on him. Tell him if he wants to continue to date you, from now on you call the shots in terms of sex - and you claim the right to fuck other men, women and couples.

    Go out clubbing every Friday night and come nome to him afterwords, loaded full of another man's come. Make boyfriend lick you clean and swallow all of your creampie.

    Make him lie on his back, straddle his face and lower your just [email protected]@@@cked womanhood into his mouth. Make him lick, suck and clean you for at least an hour so that you have multiple orgasms.

    After you are finished with his mouth, [email protected]@@@sturbate him to orgasm and feed him his own goop. This will put this selfish little boy in his place and show him who's boss.

    If he balks at any of the above, leave him and find yourself a real man who knows hot to satisfy a woman. Life is too short to put up with your so-called boyfriend's selfishness.

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