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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Right now I'm sat on my sofa contemplating over the events that happened last night. Upstairs on our bed lay fast asleep, is an eighteen year old boy who I fucked mercilessly over and over again, with my wife watching for, and sometimes joining in, over the first hour or so last night.
    Jay was a birthday present from my wife to me, as it was my 40th birthday yesterday. After a party with friends and family, we arrived home for me to find the young naked man with a pink ribbons in a bows around his neck and penis on the same sofa I'm now sat on.
    Before I could say anything my wife said "Happy birthday" then added "I've always known you enjoy fucking young guys". I was shocked, but not as shocked as when she stripped off, had me strip off, then asked her nephew Jay to give me my birthday surprise.
    I'd wondered why he wasn't at the party, and feeling his mouth wrap around my cock, I knew why.
    Licking, sucking, tonguing, and then fucking both my wife and Jay for some time, we eventually moved upstairs. My wife stayed with us for a while, then when Jay who's gay, had taken my first load up his cute tight ass, my wife went to sleep in our guest bedroom.
    It was like giving me the go ahead to really enjoy myself with Jay, and believe me over the next few hours, I certainly did.
    It had been a couple of years since I'd last enjoyed myself with a young buck. And having my wife's knowing permission, I really went for it.
    Jay was simply amazing in how much he knew, and what he wanted from our sex. Not shy in any way, my favourite member of my wife's family, I fucked him time and again until I literally had no cum left to give.
    My wife and everyone else I've fucked, now including Jay, knows that I can and do have the capacity to fuck for a long long time. Cumming again and again until eventually my balls dry up and I can't cum no more. Only then does my desire to have sex diminish.
    We showered together in the early hours of the morning with Jay's cock getting a blow job from me in the shower. Then after changing the bed sheet, we slept.
    Jay is still sleeping. My wife has just gone out on her morning run after kissing me good morning. And I'm writing this before I go up to wake my wife's nephew, so I can fuck him all over again.
    My takes about an hour on her run, so I'll have enough time to enjoy Jay's holes if his little ass can take it.
    We'll see. Bye for now.

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    I got hard reading your story. I really hope that itâs all true. When my wife and I first got together I told her that I had been with a couple of guys before. She was very understanding and then she told me that she had been having sex with her older brother when they were younger. We came to realize that we were just as kinky as the other. Long story short: I got her nephews interested in her by showing them pics of her naked. So now we invite them over to have sex with both of us when our sons arenât home
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    I wish my Wife would let me fuck young guys!! Well I am fucking them, she has no interest anymore, but if she knew I think she would be outraged. Enjoy, it doesn't get any better!
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    I'm 43 and the wife never would do anal, I heard from an older neighbor that the 18 year old boy across the street liked taking his dick. I got friendly with him, and sure enough he knew how to treat a hard dick, the first time I fucked his hot young ass I put two loads in him, now I fuck him at least once a week.
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    Jay's anus must have been ravished and destroyed by this time. Since it takes about an hour on your wife's run, so you must had enough time to enjoy Jay's hole and tear it apart even using enough lube. Tell us about this last fuck you had with Jay.

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