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    Straight Female / 26

    I had sex with a couple my husband and I had known for some years. It was my husband that asked me if I would be willing to have sex with Jack and Susan. Before I could say anything he told me he had already talked to them about it. "I know you like Jack and it would all be private" he said adding that it wouldn't change anything between us. I think my arousal and blushing red face was proof enough the idea was turnng me on. I had often had fantasies of sex with another man. Years if marriage does that to you, not because of falling out if love but because it's new. It never went passed the thought and her was my husband giving me premision to do it with Jack. Felt so awkward about about drinking wine with Jack and Susan in our living room thinking who was going to make the first move. It was obvious Susan was seducing my husband by sitting just across him in her short skirt and partly spread legs. I was even sure she wasn't wearing panties. I remember openning another bottle of wien in the kitchen when Jack came up behind comepletly naked and slid his hand down the front of my panties. I was so dripping wet his two fingers slid esealy into my pussy telling me he was dying to taste me. I had never been carried out naked in front of my husband getting my pussy eaten by another man whiel watching Susan sucking my husband. There were clothes all over the floor as we fucked an switched patners and put and a lesbian show for our husbands. That night I discovered the pleasures lesbian sex, witch I think awakend my biosexual tendensies. It was a night of hot, steamy and inmoral sex but that's what made it arousing. The best part is that we all enjoy it abd remain best of friends.

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    Were you drunk when you wrote this?
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    Good story. It could have used a few more details and paragraph breaks.

    Saw where you said you did lesbian with Susan. Did Jack and your husband ever double team you or Sue? Either double penetration [vaginal & ass] or spit roasting [pussy & mouth]?
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    WOW! you have told many a women's mind of tasting another man with husband's consent. It is too my dream after about 20 yrs of married life with happy sex with my hubby. We talked about it many times but never had the likely couple to do it. However, I am a bi, have regular lesbian partner and she being single we cannot go beyond 3-some. Hope to hear from you more...
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    I once had a partner that was into swapping/sharing partners. I thought it was going to be man having sex with women and agreed after all the encouragement. A few times enjoying ourselves trading partners, then things progressed to something I had never considered or desired. I had loads of cum inside me and sucking my husbands cock getting him hard again, the other female got between my legs and gave me the licking and sucking of my life. That's when I was introduced to giving her pleasure with my mouth and tongue. It was delicious tasting the combination of both guys spunk mixed with her juice.

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