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    Straight Female / 37

    I fell in love with my husband a few years out of college. Loved sex with him. Loved it, always wanted it. He is one of two brothers in a small family whose father owns a large commercial construction company. The family is very wealthy. The other brother is an engineer and make a fortune outside the company meaning my husband, who is already wealthy, will someday be worth millions. I didn't marry him for that reason, I do love him and god I loved turning him on and having sex with him as much as possible back then.

    As our relationship developed, out of no where I just lost sexual interest in him. We still had sex a lot but I was pretty numb about it. I loved the affection he showed me, sleeping in the same bed, snuggling, hugging, holding hands everything. I loved going on trips with him, being away on our own, I enjoyed hiking, boating, rafting, camping, skiing, he was the best friend and companion I'd ever had. I felt safe, secure and happy whenever I was with him, but for some reason sex with him was no longer something I wanted to do. I stopped initiating, I stopped getting wet thinking about it, I stopped responding to his hints and overtures. I thought that once we were married it would go back to what it had been like before. It didn't. We had two children, all my time and energy was focused on them, his was on work. We had sex once a week and later once a month which for me was too much. I just had no interest in sex with my husband. Mentally, I checked out of my sex life. I thought that I had just lost my sex drive. I loved my husband I just never thought about sex other than avoiding it as much as possible. Of course my husband was not happy about this and thought there was something wrong with me.

    A few years ago, my husband had an affair. I welcomed it sexually after I figured it out because he left me alone but I despised the woman for coming between us in every other way and felt I would lose my marriage. My husband moved out for four moths to be with her. Then he came back. I welcomed him and gave him all the sex he wanted for months. I was still numb and had to fake my interest but my marriage was better, my husband seemed happier and I thought that we were the picture of the perfect family again which is very important to me. I want people to think we are perfect together, that everything is as it should be. The thought of people knowing we're not a model couple kills me.

    One day the other woman confronted me. She started to harass me. She would drive by my kid's bus stop and beep at me and yell insults in front of the other moms. Some woman I never met confronted me at the supermarket, called me a whore and a c*unt. I didn't even know what was going on. This woman made my life miserable and my husband just wanted me to ignore it until it went away. I went to the police. The first cop I spoke with was a kid who was useless and gave me the impression he thought this whole thing was my fault.

    The next time I went I spoke with an older detective. He treated me like gold, offered to help as best he could, went and saw the woman, intervened whenever there was an issue. Months went by, no problems, then it started again. I spoke with the same cop who again tried to help. I asked him to stop by the house. He stopped in and while we were talking the conversation changed from my problem with this woman to me in general. He kept asking me questions about me, my upbringing, my family, high school college. Every time I made a self depreciating comment he complimented me.

    He wasn't flirty at all he was just showing me attention and it was really turning me on, for the first time in years i was turned-on and feeling sexy and horny. I talked about how I was never that outgoing, how I'd do things different if I could go back. He asked what I would change and I said, well there was one time a group of older guys asked me and a friend to flash our boobs and she wanted too and I didn't so neither of us did. Truth was I really wanted to but was always so terrified about what people would think I stuck to the expected path and did was girls are supposed to do and refused. He laughed at me and talked about how I stifled myself trying to meet so called norms that no one really believes in. He told me next time I should flash away. I laughed but I was turned on and excited and I faked flashing my boobs at him. He laughed and said "damn I thought you were really going to do it." I do have pretty big boobs and they are pretty nice so I thought maybe he was serious. After he left I was turned on for days, kept wishing I had actually flashed my boobs at him (another opportunity missed)and even initiated sex with my husband which I fantasized my way through although I was still numb to it.

    The next time there was a problem I asked the detective to stop by again. I didn't necessarily want to have sex with him. I never wanted to cheat on my husband, but I did want this guy's attention again. I left him an email asking him to come over. He wasn't working but said he could stop by with coffee if I wanted. I said sure. He showed up in regular clothes and looked so attractive to me and started out telling me how great I looked, I was instantly turned on, almost desperate. I felt like a kid again. We talked and like before he showed me so much attention it turned me on more an more until I wanted sex with him. I really did. I wanted him to just fuck me. It was so bad I just asked him too. I've never came right out and asked a man for sex before, that's not what woman are supposed to do but I blurted it out. For once I just did or said just what I was really thinking.

    He said he'd love to but was afraid he'd hurt me if I became attached. This was after another half hour of talk about us fucking. The whole time he was complimenting me and started to touch me, my pussy was aching for him. In mid sentence, he slid his hand down to take one of my breasts firmly in hand and then he started kissing me and that was it. I was moaning out loud when he started sucking on my nipples after he lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra. He was an amazing kisser, forceful yet soft at the same time. He hands and fingers made me cum before he even got my pants off. Once we were nude, I was already panting from a couple of orgasms and then he gave me oral. Oral like I've never had before. I was a juicy mess when he finally got me on all fours and fucked me in my living room. I could see out our front picture window while he fucked me. Now he had a really nice dick but it was not really much different than my husband's. About the same length, thickness and hardness but this guy's dick got me rocking back on it and dripping with wetness while my husband's just make's me numb. I came with this guy so hard after not cumming with my husband since we dated years ago.

    I fucked this guy on and off for about a year. Since then I've fucked a half dozen other guys. They are always men that show me sexual attention. My whole life revolves around meeting the needs of my kids, my husband, our house then once in awhile someone else comes along who is interested in me and meeting my needs. I feel I have to be selfless with my family but when I'm with another man I'm as selfish as I want to be. I can be the woman I want to be sexually. I feel like my husband represents stability, security and normalcy and as a wife and mother I have to meet those standards but when I have an affair, all it's about is me and my partner's sexual needs being met. I can get on the floor and get fucked, I can let a guy shove his fingers up my ass and not feel ashamed, I can suck a dick in the back seat of a car parked at the mall and not feel anything but excitement. I have to assume there are other woman who feel like this. Who feel that they have to meet that perfect standard with their husbands and then cut lose with guys who represent nothing more than sex. I don't know any women who would admit this but then again neither would I to anyone I know. I would say it on an anonymous internet site though. So my confession is simple. I'm a selfless sex hating wife with my husband and a sex crazed slutty woman with other men. I think I have it figured out at least.

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    And your husband would want nothing more than for you to lose your inhibitions with him, and do all those slutty things with him

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