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    Straight Male / 26

    This summer has made me question my sexuality. Iâve spent the majority of it in Florida jumping from beach town to beach town. I got hung up in Miami with this lovely lady I met. Sheâs got the thick body, fit body and DD chest and is professional and exquisite. I decided to hang around here awhile and see where things would go, and weâve been progressing rapidly in our relationship. Well we have plans for tonight where we talked about having sex. Yesterday though she dropped a bomb on me. Turns out she isnât exactly a she. Everyone thinks she, isnât any reason to think otherwise. Turns out she has a penis. I didnât believe her, so I asked her to show me. Well to my surprise and disbelief, she does! The fact too is she is longer than I am. I measure out to a little over 8.25inches, but th biggest surprise is how THICK her cock is. When she first showed me the first thing I thought of was a Pringleâs can. Now even though Iâve never been with, experimented with or even though of being with anyone with a penis I feel very deeply for this woman, sheâs absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, and her large member oddly has me aroused and curious. She told me that she prefers to top, but if we continue that we can make a mutual agreement in topping and bottom. I express to hear that Iâve never anything of the nature, and she says thatâs okay. Sheâs older and sweet and caring, and Iâm convinced that Iâm going to continue forward in this. Iâm thinking about whatâs going to happen tonight, about taking this womanâs large cock in my ass I got a solid erection. I talked to my gay friend, he said the first time is going to hurt. I look to make this great for her/him. Just feel like Iâm treading unknown waters but I think this is going to be awesome.

    Anyone ever been put into a situation like this or want to share their first time taking a big cock?

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