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    Straight Male / 20

    I am a 20 year old male. My dick is 2.1 inch when erect .I was worried about this so I decided to jerk off everyday. I thought my dick would eventually get bigger. However things remained the same. I am also not able to ask my crush on date because I am worried I will not be able to perform well in bed.

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    listen my man, don't let hetero brainwash you into thinking the a big cock is all there is to it,, there are a lot of huge cocks in porn but in reality the ratio is a lot lower every guy doesn't have a giant cock that can fuck for a half an hour straight that's all bullshit, most guys have a fairly average cock size of about 5 to 6 in. And most normal guys are lucky if they can last 5 minutes before they cum. don't let all that bullshit porn make you feel inadequate. Now on the other side of the coin you have woman/woman porn, these women are giving each other orgasm after orgasm and there isn't even a cock in sight and they do it all with their fingers and tongue, learn these techniques and you'll be the toast of the Town among the ladies. I never thought fingers were much of a sexual commodity until I started learning from lesbian porn, a girl will be eating pussy and slide one little finger in there and that other girl is cumming all over the place.... one finger. Two fingers and she's yelping like a puppy that just got got his foot shut in a car door. Years ago when porn became very common I learned a great deal from girl/girl porn and I was astonished when I implemented these techniques and had my wife coming all over the place before I even got my dick out. Also if a woman is going to judge you by the size of your cock she ain't worth shit anyway so it's a good litmus test for a decent woman. Also there are websites and blogs devoted to cock enlargement they have all these techniques and exercises that actually do work some of these devices and stuff are bullshit but a lot of these exercises and things really do work. just remember you're a man I not a cock
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    Agreed. I have a decent cock but have been w many women who have been w men who had small dicks and every one of them said, “It ain’t the size but how you use it,” that they all said. Sure, there are women who want some big cock but most women I know all say “Ouch,” when joking about a big dude. Good luck buddy. Millions of women will be cool with you. Just be thoughtful and kind.
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    I’m a woman and couldn’t agree more with the previous comments

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