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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 24

    Now some years on, my boss would still go ballistic if he knew just who I was fucking, and whom I now fucking from his family.
    Within weeks of taking my old role for his company, I was screwing his wife, who only saw him and still see's him as a cash fund.
    She's a little younger than him, and believe me a pure slut when it comes to my cock. She found out I have a large penis, and soon after, manufactured a meeting with me away from the business. It was on the pretense of quickly promoting me. Yet the only promotion I got for a while, was fucking her mouth, pussy and ass in a motel room as often as we could find time.
    Sometimes she'd invite me over to their home when he was away on business, and I'd spend the night if her daughter was sleeping over with friends. Something she often had her teenage daughter do. The sex in their home, if anything was even more frantic and dirty, and she'd often have me using toys in her, or me using my fists to fuck her.
    Everything kind of broke down when I began to date a girl my own age, and Mrs boss didn't like it.
    Around nine months back, I went to a party and hooked up with a really stunning young woman. We hit it off and within a week or so were having some of the best, most intense sex I've ever had. And so it's carried on that way.
    I swear until a couple of months ago I didn't know who her parents were, as we'd only see each other sporadically. When we did/do meet up, we'd have sex for hours and she and I just are just perfect together. Then one afternoon after having sex, she told me she knew I'd once been her moms lover. It shocked me, yet at the same time, it made sense. Especially when she told me, she'd once watched me fucking her mom on their couch.
    Explaining to me she'd been fascinated by what she'd seen and later masturbated to, she had made a bee line for me at the party, to initially guage me and then found we were so alike.
    Her mom and dad have no idea we're an item, and she's just told me she thinks its about time we came clean so to speak, to her parents. I'm really nervous thinking I'm going to meet her mom again, definitely with me having fucked her the way we had sex. And I'm so sure her dad will find his little princess dating me, to be a backwards step for her.
    I'll know all soon enugh I suppose.

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