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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the adult book store, where the young clerk gave me an awesome handjob, and swallowed every drop of my cum. Well as I was leaving he gave me his number, and today I called him after my wife went to work.
    He told me he had some running to do with his Mom this morning but would be here by noon.

    He Must of been anxious because he was here by 11:15. He was also planning ahead because he came prepared.

    He brought a tube of lube, a couple sizes of butt plugs and condoms.
    He came in and we talked for awhile, I told him my concerns with him graduating with my Grandson, and knowing his folks and all.

    He assured me that this will remain private and that he wanted me to take his cherry.

    We got naked, he has a long but pretty thin cock, and we took a shower, at which time I taught him how to get clean and soaped him up good.
    Both of us got hard and I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. He let out a moan and almost collapsed.
    I licked the head and underside to his balls, so young and balls up so tight.
    Then I took him all the way in and bobbed my head up and down the shaft while jacking at the same time for several minutes.

    My own dick was hard enough I thought I'd bust.
    I ran my left hand around his ass cheek and started to circle his tight hole with a finger. He tightened up and said he was cumming. I held him in tight, just as he had me, and felt his cock in the back of my throat when he shot off. It was real thin almost runny, and went down in a couple swallows.

    I turned him around and ran my cock up and down his ass and started to jack off. I wanted so much to fuck him right there but I knew if I entered his tight hole I'd be done in 2 minutes.

    It only took a moment looking at his little ass to blast a load on his back. I wiped it off with my hand and we shared it.

    We finished our shower and dried off. I took the towels in and started a load of towels, so I wouldn't get caught with a bunch of dirty towels, and we came out to the living room.

    We talked for a little while, I was playing with his balls, and soon he was pretty hard again.
    I grabbed the lube, told him to bend over a little,and smeared his ass all over. I asked him which plug he wanted to try, he said the bigger one.
    I lubed the bigger plug and after licking a finger and teasing his ass, I slid the plug in slowly. He gasped and said oh god take it easy. I've never had anything in my ass, and this plug while tapered was big around.

    Once it was all the way in, he relaxed and I rubbed his abdomen and tugged a little on his dick. By now he was completely hard again and I moved behind him and started giving him a reach around. I edged him 3 or 4 times, stopping right before he was gonna come, until he couldn't take it anymore.

    We were standing between the center island and the leather sectional, I bent him over the back of the sectional and grabbed for a condom, and he said just do it! I grabbed the tube and shot a bunch on my cock, some fell on the wood floor and my foot

    I turned to him and with my hand on his back, I took my other hand removing the plug, I let it fall to the floor and got the tip of my head in him.

    I could feel the heat coming from him, and I slowly started to enter him. He said oh god
    OH GOD! I just got the head in and just waited for him to adjust to it.

    We should have left the plug in longer but neither of us could wait. I rubbed his back and slowly rocked my hips a little, entering him slowly while he moaned so softly.

    After a few minutes I was resting all the way in, his ass bottomed on my cock.
    I stood him up a little and reached around and started jerking him off.

    He actually started to rock a little on my cock so I bent him back over the sectional and started to fuck him. Slowly going all the way in and pulling it all the way out except the head, then all the way in again.

    Oh he was so tight, but it felt so good. He was moaning with every stroke in and out. He was loving it as much as me.

    I grabbed his waist and started a good rhythm bottoming out, my balls slapping on his ass.
    This is why I jerked off in the shower, I would have been done already. I started pulling way out and slamming in hard, a couple times he jerked and winced and told me not so hard.
    I went back to a good pace and just kept pounding him for awhile. A couple times I stopped and jerked his cock while I was balls deep in him.

    His legs would get weak and I had to push him forward so he didn't fall off the back of the sectional.

    I figured that was enough and I just went at it, a fast pace bottoming out for several minutes, I had to stop pull part way out, add more lube and get back after it.
    The crack of his ass, my cock and pubes were all white from lube, I had been fucking him
    so long!

    I kept pumping his ass and soon he said he was coming. I didn't stop and sure enough he blew a load all over the sectional.

    When he came his ass tightened on my cock and I couldn't hold out either. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed as far up his ass I could get and unloaded in him. He turned to jelly and more or less collapsed. He said he could feel the warmth and my cock twitching in him.

    I bent over him, holding him until my cock shriveled and popped out with a splat on the floor.

    I turned him around and just held him, my wet cock touching his belly.
    He said he never imagined it could be this good. He was asking when we can fuck again, I said don't worry, it will happen again.

    He asked if he could take another shower, I said go ahead I have some cleaning up in here.

    He looked at the clock and was surprised we fucked for almost 45 minutes. Time flies when your having fun.

    He took his shower while I cleaned the floor and the sectional. I'm glad I reclined it back to check closer as some of his cum had run down the back side of the cushion.

    I went into the master and grabbed some clothes, stood at the sink and washed my cock as he got out. He dressed, and I said we have to talk. We sat on the bed and I told him that I would love to hook up with him again, but I also hook up elsewhere.

    He said he knew I did, there's a camera in the back corner behind the booths, and he has watched me fuck a few guys before at the book store.

    I was assured this would all be kept quiet, he said if I never told people you were fucking guys before, I'm not gonna now. We hugged and he put on his shoes and left. It was a good afternoon for sure.

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    Why does this never give the correct age?
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    That was hot it made my cock hard
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    Me and my friend hang out there in the back parking lot cause we're too young to get inside. It's pretty cool!

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