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    Straight Female / 30

    I never thought that I would end up being the 'Babe' of some old rich guy. I had a boyfriend in high school and another one in college (but he got himself killed drinking and driving), I went through a long spell of loneliness and met a guy who was nice and all but he didn't make any money, I made more than him. I turned 29 and my life wasn't going anywhere, a nice but small job and no real prospect for a man that met my standards.

    I go to this lunch with my boss, he is a heavy set man, sixty and he runs a shop of a lot of blue collar men so he is loud at times and cusses a lot. Anyway he takes me to this lunch because a woman he knows invites him and he doesn't want to go alone. It turned out to be a fundraiser for this woman's cause and he had to fork over five hundred dollars. When we got in the car he was fuming and told me that I 'will not' ever do something like that to a friend. I answer and he stops the car and tells me that there are times when I just need to listen and shut up. My mouth is on and I tell him he doesn't own me and his answer was 'want to bet?', he points to me and says he owns it all, head to toe, the insides and the outside, the today and the tomorrow. And the way he said it and I said something like 'yes Daddy'. It was meant to be sarcastic but it didn't sound that way.

    We didn't go back to the office, he took me to the mall and bought me a pair of underwear and told me to wear them. From now on I was to wear the underwear he bought me, and everyday at work he gave me a new pair and I had to go to the lady's room and change and bring him back the pair I went to work with. Some were thongs, some were elaborate, pink and orange, some were briefs, he brought me a pair everyday and I wore them. I got hugged and while he hugged me he asked me who his babe was and I would tell him I was his babe. When he had sex with me I asked him who my Daddy was and he would tell me he was my Daddy. It was a sex thing.

    He took me on a vacation to the Grand Canyon. We didn't go camping, we just went there and stayed at this small hotel and we went to lookout point and he told me to yell to the world that I had a Daddy. We had sex that night and I yelled 'yes Daddy', 'fuck me Daddy' and other things like that. The hotel is small and the rooms are small and it wasn't like no one heard me and of course people had seen me yelling to the Grand Canyon that I had a Daddy.

    When we got back home he asked me to let the world know that he was my Daddy. I told people, and they told people. Eventually I just started telling people that my Daddy and I went here, or my Daddy and I went to dinner, or my Daddy wants me to live with him. When I moved in with him and I was the woman of the house I celebrated his birthday with lots of friends and coworkers and I made him a cake and I wrote 'Happy Birthday, Daddy' on the cake. By then I called him Daddy instead of his name and he called me Babe instead of my name.

    He doesn't seem so old to me now, but he is sixty and I am 30 and I live with him and I sometimes have to correct people and tell them that I sleep with my 'Daddy' and he keeps me and they shouldn't assume I am his daughter, not that a mistake like that is made very often, but it does happen. Last weekend we went to a dinner of the lady that has her cause that he has to support out of guilt and she had three other same age couples and me, the young girl with her Daddy at the table. It really roles off my back and I make sure they see my diamond studs.

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