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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
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    A little over a year ago I asked my boss if he had a thumb drive, he reached for one out of the drawer and gave it to me. I used it for my presentation and was going to return it when I got curious of a sub folder that looked like it was part of the thumb drive software. It had various excel files, a couple of word documents and some pictures. I looked at the pictures first, my coworker a girl from Puerto Rico, but younger like early twenties. A few were pictures of her topless or nude. The excel files were year by year registers of payments to her, several thousand dollars per year. The word documents were agreements, if she received the money she would accept that as fair support. The second document a formal agreement giving up parental rights to a child, a girl born to her and she gave the girl up for adoption to my boss and his wife.

    The child is now seven, my coworker works in government relations for the company, she is not married, the excel files detail payments up to four years ago. And the pictures a pure innocence, a girl very uncomfortable at being photographed like that. I deleted my files and returned the thumb drive to my boss, he said for me to keep it. I have the thumb drive, I still look at one photograph in particular. When I see her with him I imagine what she is feeling, he is very gentle with her in an intimate way. Does he love her? Does she love him? What about her daughter, does she know who her mother really is? How often does she see her daughter? Does he still support her?

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