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    Straight Male / 48

    My niece is 24 and her husband is 29. She has been living in another town about 100 miles away. Got a call from Kristen asked if I still had my 5th wheel. I told her no but I could get another ask why. She said her husband was getting out of prison in three months and she wants to start fresh.

    I went to my friend who is a RV sales and bought a nice used one. Called her told her what I got. She said great when can you pick me up and move me there. Next day I moved her home with me. For the next three months just my niece me and her 7 months old daughter. She spent days with me and I would walk her to the trailer. Put daughter to bed and follow her to the bedroom. Normally I was already in my night shorts and Kristen would get herself ready for bed. All that means she would get naked. I would take off my shorts and then I would eat out her pussy then we would fuck until we both were satisfied. That first night was the first time in over a year when her husband left for prison that she had a dick inside her.

    Well he got out and came to be with her. First 3 days he can't seem to preform. Now he doesn't know she told me but we have never had secrets from each other. You see I raised this little girl from the time her mom my sister died of cancer. Took him to the doctor and turns out its all in his head because he has syphilis from fucking other inmates in the ass.

    Took him to his family and left him there. Next day she filed for divorce. Well it's been 8 months and divorce is finally over with. I can't get her pregnant because I have had a victomy so we can fuck all we want. I have moved her and the baby in with me and now have a nice trailer to travel in. I love my sisters little girl and plan to raise my great niece with my niece until I die.

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