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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I read a story on here about a guy who had a stop over at the Hyatt Incheon Hotel at Seoul airport a couple of years ago and it really turned me on so of course when I went to South Korea on a business trip I stayed at the Hyatt on my arrival night. I was working in Seoul itself and the Hyatt is a way out of the city so more than a night was impractical. Of course I went to the pool and male facility as soon as I could after checking in. It was quite busy. Maybe 13 or 14 guys spread around. I put my speedos on and went to the pool. I did a few laps and took in the sights. Two especially attractive guys got a tick so I made sure I had some eye contact with both. One seemed to take a while to avert his eyes from mine. I discreetly gave my cock a few rubs and then got out of the pool with a nice but not OTT bulge. I dried off making sure I was visible to the guys. I then went to the locker room and stripped off. there were a few guys coming and going and in various states of undress. A couple were in tight skimpy briefs and one was in a thong which he removed and pulled a towel around him, but not before I had managed to review his package. Tick. Good that he was arriving not leaving. I got a towel and walked through to the large wet area where the showers and wash buckets are along with the sauna, steam room and large plunge pool. As I only had one night I thought I needed to be quite bold and obviously gay and available so had put three gold neck chains on, of various lengths and styles. One had an ingot. I also wore a fine gold anklet. I walked around in the nude rather than covering up with my towel and then took a quick shower before going into the sauna. Some guys I had seen were busy minding their own business but I noticed a few taking a good look at me and the others. My cock had swollen a bit and was in a state of slight stiffness but not erect. I went into the sauna and straight into a scene. Three nude guys all erect standing and making out. They didn't try and hide the fact but just kept going. one dropped to his knees and took a cock down his throat. I became fully erect and started to rub a very hard muscled ass that was in front of me, finding his anus in his trench and pushing a finger slightly up into it. He turned his head towards me and moaned and said fuck me. He arched his back and pushed his ass out. I pushed up into him and started to pump his ass. After about 10 minutes I had another guy eating my own ass and that did enough to bring on a very intense ejaculation. After pulling out I bent down and put my hands on the wooden seat and offered my ass. I was entered in a few seconds and fucked long and hard. He came in me and then the party dissolved. We took showers and I got into the plunge pool. It didn't take long to become erect again looking at the array of nude guys. The thong guy, who hadn't been in the sauna, was showering. I made eye contact and got out of the pool, almost fully erect and went back into the sauna. I was alone lying face down on the bench seat when he came in. He said hi and sat close. I said hi back and turned over, fully erect. He reached out and started to stroke my cock. I asked if he would like to come up to my room. He stood and kissed my mouth. I gave him my room number and half an hour later we were in bed. I left for the city the next morning, but not before booking two nights at the Hyatt to tack on to my trip. I had more sex over those two nights and days than I have in a month in NYC

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    I went looking for the original story and searched Seoul, in Gay, if anyone else is interested in a fucking hot story. If you are like me you will want to masturbate too
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    I am the 39 year old wife of a younger man I am pretty sure is bi and has sex with men when he travels which is a lot. I have no proof but I read lots of gay stories on here trying to find out more about what seems the thousands of married men who have sex with men when they are away on business. He is very good looking and has a great body. Almost too great if you know what I mean. He buys fitness and mens fashion magazines and works on his tan every weekend, in little tiny skimpy briefs, in summer. He shaves his legs, he says for cycling which he is very competitive in, but really is that necessary? I notice gay looking men looking at him a lot. He will let his guard down one day and let something slip or I will find evidence. I read all about the men, but no women ever comment on here about the terrible lie their husbands might live. All these bi married men have wives. No, I haven't asked him straight out. I am not really sure I want to know the truth. How screwed up is that? He is 6 years younger than me and all my friends think I am lucky to have such a hot husband. At least our sex is good. Tell me if I am really screwed up or should I take the risk and ask?
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    You married your toy boy. You are nearly 40 and he is a hot 33 year old. Crunch time lady. I am 65 and gay. If he is smart he will be taking PrEP so learn to live with it unless you want to loose him. He might not even be fucking guys. You are screwed up. He needs great sex not good sex.
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    Why do you assume he is having sex with men, or just men, when he travels? I am a 30 year old executive and travel a lot within the US and to Europe. I have a demanding job and sex is a great way for me to chill out when away. I stay in good hotels and have no difficulty finding a guy to go to bed with and some of them are stunningly hot, a bit like your husband sounds like. And, heaps are married. Most actually. I love men who care for their bodies. I also have no remorse. If their wives aren't giving them enough then who is to blame? Oh, and there ARE men who travel who don't want to cheat, lots of them, so maybe he is one of them. Be careful.
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    My Mom's food and beverage manager at the Hyatt and she's got me a job, even though I'm technically too young to work there. I fill in for the bellhops when they aren't working. The first time working I had sex with two guys who were sharing the same room and lotsa guys since.

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