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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 52

    I hated my neighbors. They are loud, obnoxious. They keep dangerous dogs for pets. Those dogs tear up my yard, my garden and shit everywhere and growl at me just for trying to leave the house and go to work. I tried putting up a fence but my neighbor picks the dogs up and puts them over the fence on my side to shit. You get the idea. They have parties EVERY NIGHT and they are loud parties with those three foot giant super terawatt subwoofers that register 30 on the Richter scale. The do drugs in front of their kids. They brag about teaching their kids how to successfully shop lift. I wont' say what race they are but I will say I'm the last white person in my neighborhood. I am also upset that before my neighborhood turned into a jungle my house was worth 300k. That was 20 years ago. In those days my tax appraisal was for 200k. So I paid $3000 a year in taxes. Now, twenty years later my house is worth $150k but my tax appraisal is 400k so I have to pay $6000 a year in taxes, twice as much for a house worth twenty five percent less due to the kind of people who have moved in.

    So one day a few weeks ago I hear screaming next door. Normally I'm the kind of guy who will come running to help someone begging for help. I heard screaming that sounded like someone asking for help. I put in my ear plugs and picked up a nice book and started to read it.

    A few hours later I hear a loud knock on my door. Ear plugs don't block out everything. It was the police. They were canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses to a crime next door. Seems there was a home invasion and the perps were looking for drugs and money and found some but not enough so they murdered my neighbors and r*ped their kids and then killed them too. When the officer asked why I didn't hear anything I told them that they are always so loud that I got into the habit of wearing earplugs I hope those monkeys all suffered slow horrible agonizing deaths. They were always so drugged out I doubt they even noticed being dead.

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    Excellent, Iâm sorry to hear about your property value going down. NIGGERS destroy everything and bring havoc to any city
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    I can only hope you and the shithead who left that comment die slowly. Even though itâs s hirseshit story you still deserve to die you worthless shitstain
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    NIGGERS ain't always Black.
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    How are bananas like people?
    Nobody likes the black ones.

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