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    Straight Female / 52

    This is about a time long before I became a nurse. You might call it my first time. My mother was the county nurse and I was twelve that year. A young man was hurt badly in a car accident and ended up at the local ten bed hospital after his surgery. He had multiple fractures, plus healing from this surgery on his left femur. He was in real bad shape but the hospital wanted him moved out because he was in recovery. My mother took in stray cats, and hurt young men and he took this young man (he was 24 by the way) and brought him home and put him on the sofa in the den. She told me I was responsible for him, I knew what to do and make sure he took his pain meds and his antibiotics and stuff, fix him something to eat and make sure he ate it, if he has to pee use the milk jug and hold his penis and let him pee, don't worry he is on so much pain meds he won't poop for a few days, and I am going to work and call me only if it is an emergency and being bored is not an emergency, you take care of him, etc. etc.

    I was twelve and sure I had been around my mom a lot but having a drugged man on the sofa was a new thing for me. I brought the kitchen chair out to the den and sat on it and watched television. If he moved I checked on him, I checked to make sure he was breathing. He woke up several hours later and I had to explain who I was and that he was at our house not at the hospital and to relax because I was taking care of him. He was out most of the time that day, and I only managed to get a half a cup of soup down him, the rest of the time he slept.

    When my mother came home she checked on him, and checked on his cast and took his temperature and told me to do it every two hours and keep a record, she listened to his chest and showed me how to listen to him breathe so that he wasn't catching pneumonia, and she told me to undress him and give him a sponge bath. Now get to it I want him bathed before you go to bed tonight. Undressing him was impossible, he weighed too much so my mom helped me get his shirt off and his pants and underwear and told me that he should have been sent to the house in his hospital gown, she would bring one tomorrow.

    He was naked on the sheet on the sofa, sleeping and his chest kept going up and down and his penis just lay there, all I could see was his penis, it looked like a great big worm just lying there. I got the tub with warm water and the washcloth and started with his face and chest and arms and legs and feet and my mother watched me wash his penis and in between his legs. You're a nurse, he has a penis if this was a girl she would have a vagina and you would have to wash her too, so pick up his penis and wash it gently, pick up his testicles (she used correct terminology) and wash them and under his testicles and in between his legs. I will help you by picking up his body and you wash his back and when I lift him wash his buttocks. You are a nurse, be a nurse.

    Well all that talking and all picking up his penis with my hand felt real weird. First of all because I had never seen a penis, but I did what my mom told me and we got him bathed. She said he hadn't been bathed properly at the hospital because the nurses aid there didn't ever do a good job so it was up to me.

    I fed him with a spoon holding the bowl of cream of wheat, I fed him with a spoon holding the bowl of soup, I washed his face several times a day and I sang songs to him. I washed his penis too. And since he was asleep when I washed his penis I kissed his penis, I just felt like it so I kissed it. Every time I washed his penis I kissed it even after he was awake and I was giving him his bath. I washed his hair the third day he was at the house, having him lean over the back the sofa with a couple of towels under his head, I washed his hair with a bowl of warm water. I helped him pee into the bed pan my mom brought and when he was ready I helped walk him to the toilet so he could poop, I did not stay in the bathroom with him, but that night when I bathed him I washed his butt real well, mom's orders.

    He got well enough that he could be set up and walked to the table to eat, and he could wash himself if I stayed beside him and helped him here and there. I washed his hair every three days, and I washed his penis. He asked me and I washed his penis and after I washed his penis I kissed it. One day he kissed me on the mouth and I swooned and he held me and felt up my boobs. It felt real good and I would ask him to feel me up, to sit under his arm watching television and he would put his hand under my boob and cup it. I held his penis, which now that the pain meds were gone he got erections. We never did that if my mom was home, but we did it when we were alone in the afternoon. He could get around on crutches and the doctors had taken the stitches out and he had on his permanent cast and he was supposed to go home on the Greyhound bus.

    His car was totaled and he left it with the service station guy for a hundred bucks and my mom and I took him to the bus station. My mom fixed him a couple of sandwiches to eat on the way, and several cokes and gave him an empty bottle to use if he had to pee. He kissed her on the cheek and kissed me on the mouth and we helped him on the bus and got him seated and left. When the bus pulled away I cried, I cried all the way home. The sofa was empty and I cleaned up the stuff that he used. I cleaned the bathroom until it was spick and span and I cried that night and the next morning my mom told me that your first patient is always the most difficult one, you just have to learn not to fall in love. From then on I was going to be good nurse. And no, my mom was not right, I never forgot him and I remember him every day. I give my share of sponge baths and I have no problem washing a penis or a woman either, she was right about that. It is just part of the job.

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    Have you taken it to sexual levels as a full time nurse ....maybe makink a cock swell n cum in ur hands or kissing a clit till she gets sticky n feel it swell?
    My cock went very hard reading this!
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    Did you ever suck the man on the couch or was it only kisses? As he got better, did he masturbate and show you how men cum? If he did, did he let you taste it?

    Did his exploration of your body go any further than fondling your young tits?

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