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    Straight Female / 26

    During the summer months in college I worked as a maid at a tourist hotel on the beach. I got a room and meals and a paycheck, I shared a room with another girl, but we had a good part of the day to hang out at the beach. I was cleaning rooms one morning, it was around eleven and I knocked on the door as we had to, no one answered, I used the pass key and called out and no one answered so I walked it and there on the bed was a woman naked spread eagled with a dildo in her. She was passed out, thank God she wasn't dead.

    My first instinct was to leave, but I realized that she hadn't moved so I went over to check, she was breathing. She had a couple of other dildos on the nightstand, one of which I would later find out was a butt plug and some stuff that turned out to be drugs. I called the front desk and asked the front desk to send up my supervisor and call an ambulance.

    I stood in the room the whole time, the woman just there, naked with a dildo in her. The paramedics examined her, got the dildo out, moved her onto a gurney, collected her ID and she was taken to the hospital and had her stomach pumped.

    That night I was with my roommate and I talked to her about what I had seen that day and she quizzed me. She had a dildo, I didn't know that until that night and she said she wanted to use it and she spread her legs and stuck the dildo in her and asked me to come over and fuck her with it. That night we used the dildo on each other, in one and then in the other one, we never cleaned it we just kept shoving it inside and then trading places. We tried sitting so we could have the dildo inside both of us at the same time, and we even tried by backing up to each other butt to butt. It turned out to be the nastiest night of my life, nothing was off limits and we used out faces, mouths, fingers and the dildo to fuck each other and make out and sixty nine. Why it took so long before I was able to finally orgasm is a mystery, we were exciting our love buds just as much as we were fucking ourselves. But I finally did orgasm and she put her arms around me as I shook all the way through it.

    That was my one night stand with a girl, we never did that again, the lady's room was cleaned and rented to someone else, she left town after recovering overnight. I have a dildo of my own and from time to time I lay on my back spread eagled but I don't do drugs, I don't want someone to find me naked like that.

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