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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Out of the many men and women I've fucked since I was fifteen, there are only a few that I would truly return back to fuck again and again.

    One of those was my first gay sexual partner at the age of seventeen. His name was Rick, he was the same age as me and with my heightened sexual drive, he was a perfect sexual buddy who just loved me fucking him, as much as I adored plunging my cock into his asshole.

    We literally fucked at every opportunity and when I say every opportunity, I genuinely mean anywhere, at any time and even in front of others.

    The only reason our sexual relationship ended, was his enrollment into the navy.

    Another would be a female college tutor of mine, who's husband couldn't match her dirty sexual desires. She was so beautiful, I couldn't get my head around the fact he wouldn't give her the hard rough sex she craved. We had a two year affair in which she taught much of what I know about pleasuring a woman.

    My wife Anya is another. A woman who once could take my phallas in all her holes and enjoy the sexual brutality I enjoyed giving her daily. Unfortunately for us, she can no longer handle that kind of sex, after a car accident.
    The last person and someone who I've only relatively recently been fucking, is known to my wife. And someone I didn't think with his reputation, would ever dream of having me fuck him.

    He's my father in law and he's what you might call a mans man. He's a rough hard individual and not someone you would want to upset. Yet it was he who first came onto me, asking me if the rumors were true about me.

    In his man cave at his home, I pounded him mercilessly for over an hour and loved watching him take my cock deep up his muscular ass. His cock sucking skills are now by far the best I've ever experienced and as for compatibility, he wants my cock just as much as my first gay partner Rick.

    Anya knows I'm fucking her dad and often drives me over on the pretense were having a beer. She says hello, kisses her dad and tells him not to wear me out. No sooner than she drives her car away, he's got my cock and balls out and he's worshiping them.

    Picking me up, usually hours later, Anya gets us both a beer settles down. We chat as if it's totally normal for your husband to be fucking your dad. Nothing is mentioned, other than her quips about the smell of sex and afterwards at our own home, I invariably pleasure my wife orally, the only sex she can now enjoy.

    We are not a regular family, but we are a family and it works for us.

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    OMG! Haven't you figured yet why there are no prior comments. The big boasting lie on the first line tell it all. "Out of the many men and women I've fucked since I was fifteen, there are only a few that I would truly return back to fuck again and again".
    Admit it, this is pure BS the fact that you openly use names is enough to tell us that it's not you failing to return to them, it's them failing to let you return. RIGHT?

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