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    As we grew older our sex life came to a complete stop. Otherwise our marriage worked, but we became brother and sister. My husband started to fade out, lost in thought. Then slowly to talk about a girl in his office. At the Christmas party he brought her over to our table to meet me. She was nice, a little masculine really, broad shoulders and strong hands, masculine jaw. But she was nice. When she walked back to sit with her coworkers she was unstable on her heels and she looked uncomfortable in her dress. I stared at her all night, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

    As time went on I heard from him that she was a cross fit girl and had been for some time. That was it, her looks and muscles, her face was from supplements. She was growing more and more masculine. I decided on my own to talk to her, find out whether I was right. I admit I was curious, but also worried. She admitted to going to the gym every afternoon, to taking large amounts of supplements, including testosterone to build muscle, for over ten years. She wanted to become a body builder, have a defined physique. I asked her to let me see her naked or in a small bikini. I wanted to examine her, head to toe.

    All along my husband talked about her, he told me he went to the gym to watch her work out. He liked her that way. She on her side worked out to please him. They had been in an affair for three years, since she was 23. When she let me examine her she stood still and let me examine her whole body, including her overactive genital region. I spoke with her and she answered my questions. She hadn't had a regular period in years. I asked my husband to stop encouraging her, let me get her help.

    The doctor I took her to specialized in women who had overwhelmed their bodies with testosterone and supplements, her patients were all body builders who wanted to quit. It took two years to wean her off the supplements, to where her periods were regular and her hormone counts more normal. My husband paid for her treatment. She had quit her job, she was in a clinic for months, and when we took her home she had regained some of her feminine look. And she and my husband had stopped having sex during her treatment.

    Several months into her post addiction my husband told me he wanted to hold her, why couldn't she be with him. I went to her room and asked her if she wanted to go to him, he was waiting for her. She went and I stayed upstairs. My feelings were never hurt, she is getting healthier and healthier, but the effects of her abuse of the supplements and drugs will never all go away, she will always have a masculine jaw line, shoulders and thighs. He seems to like her like that, and she is given to him and I have stepped aside.

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