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    Straight Female / 48

    Hi. I've got a secret. From the time I was 13 to 15 I started fucking with my dog. I always wanted Coop and just gave in to it out in a field on our land. I remember everything. I spread my legs so wide for him and watched in filthy pleasure as he began licking and eating my virgin pussy. It felt so fucking good. That day was my first orgasm and a big dog gave it to me. I rocked my hips and grinded against his tongue while I came so hard.

    I felt so amazing and wanted to treat him so I commanded him on his back and started eating his balls. I was licking and sucking dog balls while I gently stroked his dick out. I ate his balls for at least 20 minutes.. Licking licking and so much sucking. Oh man, he loved it. So his hard dick was out...

    I replaced my tongue with my hand on his balls. I rubbed them while I licked his big dick. I continued rubbing them as I closed my mouth around his dick and started sucking. That big fucking dog cock tasted good and I sucked until he busted a nut in my mouth. I drank it and it tasted like candy.

    We just hung out for a while until I wanted more. Once again he was on his back with his balls in my hungry mouth. I enjoyed it even more the second time. His cock tasted even better.. This is when I stopped sucking and decided I wanted Coop to fuck me. I got him up... Got on my hands and knees in front of him and coaxed him up my back.

    I reached back and started rubbing his dick against my wet pussy and then he took over. He shoved his cock in my hole and fucked my pussy good. It hurt but then felt so fucking fantastic. Mmm.. Getting pounded, losing my virginity to my dog. So fucking righteous. He filled me up with jizz and it felt amazing running out of me.

    After that... I would eat his balls, suck his dick and fuck him on the
    regular. I've been dying to start doing it again and I'm so fucking excited because my new Master has a big Mastiff and he's going to film me fucking it, sucking it and letting it eat my pussy!!!!

    I'm a submissive whore and I would SO love to sext with Dom Males!! 479 217 4760 text me!!!!! I'm so fucking hot that I'm going to start fucking a dog again!!!!! Xoxo

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    Are you truly from northern Arkansas?
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    Utter rubbish
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    Go on fucking your dog. It is absolutely safe and enjoyable with mind blowing orgasms. The best part is when his knot starts swelling inside you putting pressure on your g-spot and he starts to thrust and pound you. You can literally feel the tip of his cock quivers inside you almost lashing the neck of your uterus followed by warm jets of his semen shooting deep into you as you reach waves of orgasms! My god! no man can give you this truly vulgar pleasure!!

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