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    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    Have you ever got caught up in a moment and so into something that nothing else matters? I am married, and yes have enjoyed female closeness on a few occasions, we have been discreet until a small Halloween fancy dress party we all attended. In total I guess there were 20 couples and a few singles there, we all knew each other and got on well, so far so good.

    My husband had been reluctant to really get into the whole spirit of the party, however he did make an effort and eventually decided to go as a Monty Python Lumber Jack, he looked cool and was pretty convincing. I had thought long and hard about it and had talked to one of my closest girl friends about what I should go as. We eventually decided on a naughty school girls combination. I still had my old school blazer and it still fit me, I would match it with a white button down blouse, a red mini skirt that matched the color of my blazer, white knickers, black stockings held up by a white garter belt and a quarter cup bra, which would push up my breasts and keep my nipples exposed, hopefully it would be a cool evening and they would remain hard and visible through my white blouse.

    My friend had decided to go as a very strict head mistress, which I didn't know about until the party, I was under the impression she was dressing similar to me.

    Anyway the day of the party arrived and as I dressed, my husband was watching me, he could not keep his eyes off me and said how absolutely sexy I looked as a mature school girl, I told him to keep his hands off until we returned from the party!

    We arrived and of course when I saw my friend I was a bit taken aback she was not dressed similar to me, however we both got a drink and we mingled with the other guests, my husband was busy chatting to a Mermaid, so I was walking around with my strict head mistress. We stopped to chat with another group and yes it was a cool evening and yes my nipples were hard and yes you could see them through my white blouse. We were chatting and I though a breeze had lifted the hem of my skirt, I paid no attention to it until I felt a hand caressing my bum, slowly and gently at first, working it's way under my knickers and onto my naked bottom cheeks, I wasn't sure where this was going until whoever it was slipped a finger between my legs and began to slide it through my lips. I bit my lip as I began to moisten but protest I must and protest I did. The finger and hand were quickly removed.

    As the party wore on and a few left, myself and my friend decided to head indoors for a nightcap, once inside my friend turned on me, she became the strict headmistress to my naughty school girl, she suggested in a very stern manner that someone other than my husband had touched me up in full view of the whole school, I protested my innocence, but she was having none of it and said I should be punished for being such a little tramp. We were both getting into the zone and I could feel myself getting damp again at the though of my friend punishing me.

    She ushered me to the bedroom she shared with her husband and locked the door, instructed me to bend over a chair, asked if I knew why I was to be punished to which I gave a nod. I felt her lift the hem of my skirt and expose my bottom, I was still wearing the little white knickers however they were damp between my legs. At first she just slapped my bottom through my knickers, then she told me to take them off, I slid them down my legs, now my bottom was naked and she slapped it a few times with her hand. It felt good, not to sore as she was not hitting it very had.

    Then I heard a swish and the cane she had made contact with my bottom, wow that was painful! I pleaded that she not do that again, she told me to remove my blouse and skirt, I protested, but the thought of getting another slap from the cane convinced me otherwise! I removed them and stood before her in just my quarter cup bra and garter belt and stockings, I was excited and scared at the same time, this was my friend making me stand there in front of her, why?

    She turned and unlocked the bedroom door, in walked our respective husbands, I was still in the zone and so was my friend, she declared to my husband what a little slut I had been allowing for some boy from the upper 6th to touch me up. She asked my husband for permission to discipline me, I could see him looking at me and he nodded his approval.

    What next I thought? Well my headmistress ordered me to strip fully, I was a little concerned as her husband was watching me, I was OK with my friend and my husband but wasn't into showing everyone I like a nice clear shaven pussy! Anyway I protested and was pushed back over the chair and received a slap from the cane!

    I removed the remaining clothes and was now totally 100% naked. I did feel like a little slut at that stage. My husband was in shock, seeing me naked in front of two others, I think the penny dropped for him at that stage and he looked at me and asked if I were having an affair with my friends husband! I said nothing could be further from the truth! At that my head mistress approached me wrapped me in her arms and kissed me in front of our husbands, she caressed my boobs and bottom and declared her love for me, that was the end of us being discreet!

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    I would love to discipline you, I would make sure we were discreet. Are you still receiving a spanking from your friend or was it a one off?

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