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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I was in a swimming club when I was 12. We went camping to Essex one bank holiday weekend. After a cross country run I was in the shower as an old man of about 45 watched me wash my skinny body. He told me I had a muddy back, & offered to wash it for me, I said he could & turned around to let him start.
    His hands were very gentle as a finger slipped between my arse cheeks to make sure I was clean everywhere. I started to enjoy his touch. He told me to turn around to make sure I had no mud on my front. His big soapy hands washed up my legs very gently till he held my soapy little cock in his hand & started to wank me so very gently my cock responded immediately & stood up to attention for him. Ooh you're enjoying this he said as he rinsed the soap off my stiff little cock. He took me in his mouth & sucked me off for the very first time. I had my first massive orgasm & spunked off into his warm mouth. My head was spinning as I seemed to just come & come. It was an amazing experience.
    He then stood up & unzipped his huge stiff cock. Now its my turn he said, as he took my hand & put it on his stiffie.
    I started to wank him like he did for me, then he told me to take it in my mouth. I licked his big circumcised cock head & tasted my first cock. He was shaking with excitement as I sucked & started to gently fuck my young mouth.
    I must have been doing it all wrong cos he pulled it out of me & wanked himself off. He came jet after jet of thick white spunk all over my chest. He zipped up fast & told me not to tell anyone about our little secret. I washed his ejaculate off me & stood up on shaky legs. He said he'd be back here the next day about 1600 if I wanted to be sucked off again. I said I did very much. my parents came to take me home next day at midday so I never saw him again. over the years I've had plenty of sexy fun with boys & girls & shall tell more tonight after work. I love reading these kinda confessions of when our sex lives first began. Wonderful moments never to be forgotten.

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    I was a cute fresh faced precociously curious kid. Dtarting in 5th grade my tight cute little bubble ass was all about teasing the boys who were a bit older and horny as a teenager can be. A feel of it's firm fresh cheeks was all I'd give up along with a pouty lip sucking that I'd became good at. I was in my own bedroom in my underpants sucking a teenage boy who had snuck in through the window when he figured it was time to pop my shy cherry little ass. I'd just got done gulping it down when he flipped me over and tore the back of my underpants with one swift yank. He pushed his cum/saliva glistening boy's cock slowly and surely into my innocence. I whimpered a little but settled down for an enjoyable first time.
    Talk about the word going around!

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