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    Straight Female / 36

    Cruising through life minding my own business, running my own company, MBA from a top 10 university, 35 employees, 32 years old, just named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for my town, I fell into the hands of a 52 year old man who destroyed my image of myself, fucked me, put me in a house with all the 'duties', forced me to change my name and got me pregnant to boot.

    I live a double life, I continue my business and have 100% control there, he doesn't interfere, but I come home to be his wife and my daughter's mother, a total submissive behavior, emotional, sexual, roles, the whole nine yards. I love to please him, I love that I have baby girl with him, I love to write out my married in name in script, I introduce myself as Mrs. to my married life friends. I never got to play little girl at home, or to play mommy or anything like that. My mother is self centered concert cellist, my father a lost in space University professor in Sociology. I am sure that every time they see me with my husband their inner self cringes and I take great pleasure in making them cringe.

    And I love that my husband will not back down and tells them how it is.

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