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    The days of our lives. Sixth grade friend had a swimming pool and we spent a lot of time in it. After the pool we went to his room to change. Why that day his boy dick was hard as a rock was a sign of the times. It just looked like I should do something, so I leaned forward and just put my mouth on it and sucked on it like a lollypop. That was a cross over experience. From then on it was a regular thing to do, and we spent a lot of time at his pool. He reciprocated, but that was not as good. One afternoon, the water was a bit cold, we slipped off our swimsuits, being in the water naked feeling the water jets on your dick and against your ass was a top line thing to do. He sat on the edge, I was in the water, sucking his hard cold dick, my eyes closed when he peed in my mouth. It wasn't pee, it was my first mouthful of crème de boy. What a treat! We also played a game where I held on to the side of the pool and he poked his dick against my boyhole. I liked it from the first time, it is just about the best feeling you can have. For me, my pool days were my moment of truth, and there wasn't turning back.

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    Me, a fresh 6th grader at a pool party with older guys in high school was an amazing experience!
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    I am gay, single 25 and live in an apartment block with quite a few gay couples and singles. The pool is nicely planted out and quite private. Before 10pm the pool is open to all tenants, but there is an unofficial understanding that after 10pm you enter at your own risk! The adult after 10 swimmers are mostly gay or bi guys but a few younger women (some gay or bi) turn up sometimes. Most of us swim nude and there is plenty of action. The only rules are that no means no, there are no strings attached, only residents can play and what goes on in and around the pool stays there. Pool sex is awesome

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