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    Straight Female / 23

    It's strange to be feel both intense shame and disgust for what you did, and to get turned on and excited by it at the same time. It's a pretty messed up feeling.

    I was raised Catholic. Wait til marriage. That was the plan. I gave blowjobs here and there, sure, got fingered and stuff but no actual sex. Met the love of my life at 19, we got married at 21 and I waited until our wedding day to have sex with him.

    But...I lost my virginity to a total stranger during my bachelorette party. He was tall, handsome, broad shouldered and muscular. He was also a bit older, and black.

    I had never drank much, but it was my friends were pouring drinks down me. Guys would buy lots of free drinks too. We went to several clubs. Danced with people, plenty tried to get too familiar. More than one did touch me, and kiss me, in ways I shouldn't have let them but with my drunken friends encouraging, I let it happen.

    Late in to the night, we ended up at our hotel. We had several rooms rented at one end of a hall for all of us, and we ended up having a party there. Some guys came with us to keep drinking and partying. Some of my friends ended up for sure hooking up as well.

    Ended up dancing with him. He was wearing a super tight tank top, loose jeans and god his body felt like sculpted marble. He was kissing me, and his hands were all over me but not in the awful groping way, in the right way...he obviously knew just where to touch and how to make a woman melt. And I was.

    On the bed, we made out like crazy. My clothes seemed to disappear, and his were coming off quickly too. His chest and abs were so solid, rock hard...never felt anything like his muscles. He kissed and sucked on all the right places, going down on me till I was shaking with orgasms. I felt his heavy weight on top of me, and I felt his massive cock pressing in to my virgin pussy. I remember opening my eyes and looking down just as it was starting to enter me. I opened my mouth, I think I fully intended to tell him to stop but I looked at that hard, thick shiny and veiny cock slowly parting my pussy lips and sliding in to me and instead opened my legs further, letting him slide in to me.

    I had held on to my virginity for all this time. Here I was, two days from giving it to my husband on our wedding night and instead I gave it to this total stranger, with the incredibly chiseled body and a massive cock. I can blame the alcohol, the buildup of being teased and playing and flirting all night but I was letting this man have me, because I wanted it. It felt dirty, it felt wrong, and it felt amazing...I wanted him inside me.

    I gripped the sheets as I felt that first pain, he got about halfway inside me and then pulled back and started slowly thrusting. Getting a little deeper each time. He commented on me being so tight. I said thats cause I'm a virgin. He stopped and looked down at me and said something like are you fucking kidding me? I kinda shook my head no. I felt his cock twitch inside me, and he got this funny smile. He said something like you mean I just took the brides virginity just before her wedding? I bit my lip and just nodded. He said something like...goddamn, girl...this is insane...and somehow his cock felt even bigger and fuller inside me as he started really fucking me.

    I remember wrapping my arms and legs around him and just getting lost in non stop ecstasy. I don't know exactly how long it went on. I know he would stop and mess with me, kissing and rubbing me to hold back his own orgasm. He flipped me over and pulled me up to him to fuck me from behind too. Eventually, he finally gave in and came inside me. I finally fell asleep, exhausted and he left.

    I've felt so guilty about all this, but every time I think about it I also get so wet. The shame makes me wetter and more turned on, which makes me feel more shame. I think about it all the time.

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    You should not feel guilty. You wanted it and did cooperate with him and enjoyed the whole procedure. You are rewarded with a new experience of fucking.
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    How does your husband feel about this? You waited and he knew you were waiting. But then you threw away the trust and loyalty?

    I understand people fucking around but you made a thing out of your relationship that you would restrain from that, now you want us to say it is okay to trash what your future husband believes about you.

    You were wrong and I won't "oh that's okay what you did"
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    you made a mistake. chalk it up to youth and alcohol. store away the memory and devote yourself to your husband.
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    Your lucky you didn't get pregnant
    I was on a business trip and a party like your girls gave you was going on in the hotel lounge. I joined in thinking I might get lucky. Dancing drinking all the party things. Now to point out. I am half black half white. Dads white. I started dancing with another half turned out she was the bride to be. We ended up in her room and fucking for a long time. I came inside her twice.

    Breakfast next morning we saw each other and setting together exchange information. I told her I was married and knew she was about to be. We stayed in touch e mail for a few years. Told me she was pregnant and thought maybe it was mine. Never found out if it was mine or the white man she married.
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    You absolutely should not feel guilty-at all. It's your body, your virginity, and your choice who you lose it to. You should be proud of your choice and you shouldn't have any regrets at all-and this is coming from a guy. You wanted him inside of you and you wanted to fuck him and lose your virginity to him and there is nothing wrong with that. Good for you. You should be proud that you chose who you wanted to lose it to and because it was a total stranger, so what? Once again your virginity, your choice. I say way to go girl! Get it! Congratulations on losing your virginity and at your bachelorette party, that's exciting! Were your friends excited for you? I personally think it's awesome the way you lost it and again, I don't think you have anything to feel guilty about. As long as you enjoyed yourself, that is all that matters.
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    I agree with the above posts about you not feeling guilty. Your body and your choice. No man or anyone should ever tell you different. As the above guy said congratulations on losing your virginity! That's exciting! Being a woman I don't think girls should have to wait until marriage or for "the one". I think if you find a guy attractive, go for it. Get laid and get that cherry popped. You did nothing wrong here, you wanted that guy to pop your cherry and you sound like you enjoyed it. That's all that matters and your husband shouldn't have a problem with that.

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