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    Straight Female / 45

    I was a total slut for years before I met my husband. I'm proud that I've been 100% faithful, since the day I went home with him on the first date and fucked his braims out. Before him, there were.over 200 lucky bastards and bitches a taste. What's weird is that he thinks he's.more.experienced than I am. Oh, the memories of the chase/the hunt... sometimes I miss it... sometimes I know better than to dwell in those memories.

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    With over 200 notches on your bedpost, your experience must be incredibly varied. Are there people or incidents that stand out in your memory?

    First time with either sex?
    Ever been gangbanged or taken part in an orgy?
    How big was the biggest man you've entertained between your thighs?
    What sticks out as your most slutty night?
    Is there a particular man or woman you met along the way that was so good they would tempt you to stray?
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    WOW! From the stories my wife has told me, I thought she was a slut, but after reading this confession, she was just an beginner. I still loved her stories though.

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