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    When I was a teenager back in the 70s my mom was drinking a lot of scotch. She would get so drunk that she never remembered anything she did while drinking the next day. I would find her around the house passed out cold drunk sleeping half undressed or completely naked. Mom was the first girl I ever got to see nude. Once I learned that nothing would wake her up after she got drunk and passed out cold sleeping I got up the nerve and courage to feel her up.
    Soon I was sucking on her nipples while fingering her vagina while she was so drunk she had no idea what I was doing with her body. I would up late at night for her to get drunk and pass out so I could explore experience and learn about the opposite sex from my drunk mother. After about a year I was able to experience sex with her. This was the first time in my life I ever had sex and it was the greatest experience of my life. She never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time and I was doing this for about six years until she stopped drinking.

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    WOW! I hope You had fun fingering Your Mom and having sex with Her while She was passed out! Reading Your story turned me on so much that I had to jerk off!
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    same thing here. Mom would come home with who knows what guy from the bar, usually leave the door open and I'd see her sucking and getting fucked, even getting fucked in her ass. The guy would leave after cumming a time or two then she'd pass out. The next was she would pass out while getting fucked. After the guy, or sometimes other woman, would leave I'd go put her to bed. Eventually I started sucking her tits, feeling and fingering her hairy pussy, then her ass. I explored her ass the most when I saw cum leaving out of it. I started just to see how it felt, not wanting to actually fuck her but just put my cock in and feel an actual pussy. I did it, moved it a few times, and came my first time in my moms hairy, just-fucked, cum-leaking pussy. I didn't intend to, and she never knew because of the drunk guy fucking her that she brought home. But I did it not intending to. I just wanted to know what a pussy felt like with my cock, but didn't realize I'd get so excited and cum so quick. After that the only time I came in her was once to see what her ass felt like. I fingered her a lot, sucked her tits a lot, even stuck my cock in her mouth. The most I did after that though was occasionally stick it in her and just hold it for a few minutes. I jacked off on her pussy, tits and ass, even mouth a lot though. She never knew
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    Are you sure she never woke up, my brother use to fuck my me when I was drunk, my first knowledge was I was having a wet dream I was having my nipples sucked and my vagina played with, once he penetrated my vagina I was awake but I was shaming I just lay there and enjoyed it, it was very exciting pretending I was asleep, I think your mum was enjoying it and saying nothing, I did.
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    You should have brought different friends home to have fun with her. I love having other guys fuck my wife and I love watching. You'd have had the same thrill watching other strange cocks bombarding your mom's tasty hairy snatch.

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