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    Straight Male / 50

    Swinger Christening

    My wife and I have been swinging since our 30's. Since we had our daughter, and I was snipped and my wife had her tubes tied.

    We alternate the parties at various members' homes, including occasionally our own. When she was young, our daughter would have a sleep-over at a friend's house when we held the parties.

    But when she got older, we found that she and her friend were using this as an excuse to entertain boys. My wife immediately put my daughter on the pill, and we made her stay locked in her bedroom on the second floor, while we held the parties in the basement, with the floor between us acting as a buffer.

    But my daughter had her own plans. She started to sneak down into the basement and hide in a closet to peek and listen in on the action.

    We only became aware of this when she was 17 and we caught her moaning in the closet and diddling herself. My wife and I both went ballistic and broke-up the party immediately.

    After everyone left, my wife and I both started to lecture her and threatened her with all sorts of punishments, but she argued if it was okay for us to swing, why not her? We told her that she was too young, but her retort was that she was soon turning 18.

    It is not that we wanted her to participate, but she had us in a tight corner. We felt if we didn't let her join in, she might reveal our activities to the authorities for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    So we got her to agree, if ahe stop spying on us, we would let her attend one of our parties when she turned 18.

    Frankly we were hoping that she might find a boyfriend in the interim and lose interest, but no such luck. After she turned 18, a couple of the parties were held at other members homes. We did not allow her to attend because we felt it would be safer to do so in our own home.

    We also wanted to talk to the other members of our group to see if they were weirded out by it. To the contrary, they were excited by the prospect because they had seen her blossoming into a young women.

    So we had stalled as long as we could, and the eventful day came when we held a swinger party in our own home, with our barely legal daughter attending.

    My wife and daughter spent all day trying to figure out what to wear, and eventually they settled on mat hing neon pink bikinis with red high heels. We all also imbided in some red wine a bit to loosen up for the evening.

    With both having long flowing dirty blonde hair, and tanned and toned bodies, my wife and daughter looked like older and younger sisters, with the exception that my wife is much bustier and my daughter is only budding puffy tits.

    When guests arrived, it didn't long for everyone to disrobe with knowing what was in store for the evening festivities. Our group has a tradition of welcoming new female members by christening them (we have a similar ceremony of face squatting for new guys).

    Our daughter was butt naked by now, and she kneeled on a cushion in the centre of the basement rec room. All of the guys surrounded her, with some of the woman also kneeling beside her.

    The rule was that no one could touch her, but she could do what ever she wanted. Some of the guys began stroking themselves in the presence of her nubile young body. I even admit that I began to jerk myself. Some of the women were also "fluffing" the guys, either by hand or orally.

    My daughter seem to get really turned on and started to stroke the calves and even abs of the more muscular guys. As some of the guys got hard, she got more daring and began to stroke their cocks, lick their balls, and eventually deep-throated a couple.

    With the intense action going on, a lot of people began to moan, in addition to the slurping and sucking noises. My daughter had started to diddle herself.

    By now a couple of guys were ready to pop, and began to beat their own meat furiously. My daughter held out her tongue receptively, and they shot their loads partly in her mouth, but mostly on her face and breasts. This started a domino effect, with other guys shooting their hot loads all over my beautiful daughter in succession.

    Then something happened that I was not expecting. Suddenly my wife broke protocol, and began to lick all the cum off of my daughters face and breasts, while also french kissing her. This brought on cheers and clapping from everyone else.

    The rest of the night is a blur, with my daughter being the centre of attention. By mutual agreement, no one fucked her, but that didn't stop everyone from try to diddle her tight young pussy and lick out her flowing juices.

    At the end of the evening after everyone was spent from the ensuing orgy, I could see some of the couples slipping our daughter their phone numbers as they left, to carry-on later.

    I was thinking that I would head to bed, when my wife whispered something in my ear. She said that she wanted me to fuck my daughter so she could lick my cum out of her sweet young pussy. Although I had been tired, I suddenly was re-energized.

    My wife and daughter alternated stroking and licking my cock and balls to get me hard again. Once I had a raging hard-on, I found that it was too tight to insert in her pussy,
    So I made my daughter get on all fours.

    With a big thrust, I was able to insert my bulging cock into my daughter's tight pussy from the rear. My wife postion herself 69-style under my daughter so she could finger and lick her clitty. I began to pound away at my daughter's pussy doggy-style, while also pulling her blonde hair to give her the best mixture of pain and pleasure.

    It wasn't long before I was shooting a hot load of my baby batter into my sweet baby's sopping wet pussy. As soon as I did, my wife flipped my daughter over on her back and began to lick my cum out of her pussy as she promised.

    And this is how we initiated our daughter into the swinger life-style.

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    Assuming that she's still attending the parties, has she been properly gangbanged yet? Have you fucked her in front of others? Has she become the live in side piece for you and the wife?
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    This is the way it ought ought to be lol
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    This is one of the best confessions I have read. Iâm a 27 year old male. Any thoughts from your wife on my situation? It is just me, my mom and dad. They have a crazy Sex life. Sex toys, lingerie, they take pictures of each other, watch a lot of porn, and my mother reads double penetration erotica solely (I have spied in her kindle). They always comment to each other about other men and women. Any thoughts on using a swinger argument to get my mother around on the idea of her son wanting to fuck her and wanting her son to fuck her?
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    Have you double penetrated your daughter at one of your parties? That would be my ultimate goal. Maybe two cocks in her sweet pussy?
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    Too bad it couldn't have happened sooner. Girls are curious and want to be active at a much earlier age but are told they aren't allowed to. (My daughter started playing with boys at 12 and first got laid at 14). I would have preferred that she be getting her fun from much older men who knew what they were doing. To this day, I'd still love to see her high school mouth being penetrated by a much older man.

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