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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    Well when i was 6 my 12 year old sister n i shared a bedroom we had bunkbeds, id play games and use the bunkbeds as a climing frame, one day think it was a weekend we were playing, i was climbing all over the bedn land on my sister, she pushed me off and she stripped naked she had bee sting tits n bald pussy i remember that clearly! She stipped me naked, i didnt know better so i let her she got me to lay on top of hern tried to put my soft cock in 6 i wasnt sexually active.... iv never questioned herwhy she was doing it. She just told me to say was never brought up again ever! To my reckoning she had had sex education at school n she wanted to feel never know.

    This lead to me going through pubity very horny and confused to the point if i was correct to say that actually happened as it was adistant memory at q4 i bought lots of porn mags n shot my load on my stomoch all the time.....when i was 17 my parentes went away for a weekend to blackpool n my nan n sister were looking after me. I came in from being out with my mates n was very drunk ,i went for a piss, i ended up pissing all over the place as i was that drunk in the toilet, more so in my jeans i can remember stripping off totally naked n walked to my room, my nan was in bed n my sister watchin tv down stairs on her own ...i sat on my bed with my wet cock in my hand n started to masterbate over my porn mags then a stupid thought came into my head....wander what my sister would do if i went into her i had the urge to do that so i stumbled down stairs n walked in the front room with a semi erect penis n stood naked infront of my sister.....she lifted her head from the magazine she was reading n stared at me at my semi....i grabbedmy cock n started to masterbate infront of her.....i remember her shocked face n i saw her hands wanting to feel my now fully erect cock ....but with a second thought she looked at me stearnly n said GO TO BED! I did n carried on wanking till my stick cum was all over me.

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