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    Straight Male / 48

    Im not sure this is the category I should put this article, but here it is. Im not sure if I am at a cross road in my life or just curious. For the last year or so I've been having these weird obsessions about cocks. What I mean is that I have been looking at cock pictures online the bigger and harder the better!Im so into it that I find myself totally aroused by them, to the point, that I masturbate looking at them.Is it possible that I am turning gay? I have never sucked a cock, but must admit ,lately, the thought has entered my mind. Mostly what it would feel like having a cock shoot a load of cum in my mouth, would I spit it out immediately, or would I savor the taste and swallow it? Could it just be a phase Im going through? not sure!Anal sex I have absolutely no interest in period!So is it sucking a cock to orgasm all I require? Having someones cock near me really turns me on! The thought of licking the shaft down to the ball sac really excites me but the frosting on the cake is licking the mushroom head with a steady flow of precum to eat, makes me crave a mouth full of thick white cum to swallow. Not sure I would ever really be able to actually do it, does make for very interesting moments! Any ways it feels good just to be able to write it down for others to read Thank!

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    I enjoyed transsexual porn for the longest. Still can't wait to do a transgender. I want to try both. So its not really gay. As it is more curiosity. Don't concern yourself with that thought. Only that you want to experience new things.
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    Thanks for the reassurance! you are right about maybe trying new things, funny you mention transsexual, that to has really peaked my interest!
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    Hey man I use to be hard-core straight. I got curious one day and stayed curious for a long time without trying anything. A day came years later where I decided, fuck it, I’m going to give this an honest full try. Well afterwords I wish I hadn’t waited so damn long. Gay sex is phenomenal! Yes bigger/thicker is better, just be slow to start. Btw don’t waste it when you suck someone off, swallow that white glory. As far as anal, don’t be so quick to shun it. I was very strongly against anything going in my ass, but I gave it a go and the build up to climax is super intense, busting a nut while taking a good dick is noticeably larger, the climax is so much better, earth shattering and it lasts longer too! I understand where you’re coming from but trust me, once you go through with trying it, you’ll love it. Just remember, bring lube.
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    I'm in the same mindset as you. I'm in my late 50's, and in recent years I've been having an incredible interest, or maybe even a lust for another mans cock. I also like to look a pictures of big stiff cocks in porno's, and on the net. My wife and I watch MFM porn a lot, and she thinks that I'm turned on by the hot girl who is taking two cocks at once. I am, but I'm also really drawn by those stiff throbbing dicks. I know what I like from all of the head that women have given me in my lifetime, so like you I want to lick and suck all up and down his shaft, and lick all around and under the rim. I also want lots of pre-cum the lick up as I tongue and suck on his stiff cock. And I really want to swallow his cum as he fucks my mouth. I won't waste it. I lick my own cum off of my fingers when I'm a lone and masturbating. Try it sometime.
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    You did not mention your age. If you are in your younger years, the interest in cocks is quite natural. At the same time, get to know about pussy too. There are lots of close-ups of pussies (like cocks) in the websites. No harm in knowing something better. Meanwhile, I would suggest that you visit gory hole kiosks to suck cocks and at the same time, go for sucking pussy. Real man eats pussy! If you suck a pussy well she will give you bj too.
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    Just wanted to add that pussy has always been very good to me.I was married many years, Wife passed, and I remained unattached. Its only been the past year or so that I started getting turned on by the thought of sucking a big hard juicy cock, and doing all the tongue and lip moves that go with it. you did mention some thing I never even considered, and that is a glory hole, not sure I know of any, but that would probably solve my curiosity. Thanks!

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