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    Straight Female / 31

    I just wanted to relate the story of how I got to where I am. It wasn't by design or anything like that, it was pure luck. I didn't grow up with money, in fact I grew up without money. From the time we were ten we were doing chores for money, helping neighbors with their wash, babysitting, plant sitting, anything that paid anything. My mother worked full time so I was home alone after school even in grade school. We were called latchkey kids. I had chores to do at the house, and my mother went over everything she had left for me to do when she came home and if something hadn't been done there was hell to pay.

    When I went through puberty I had a very difficult time with my periods, lots of pain and migraines and no regularity. I got my pants bloodied several times at school and the school nurse called my mother to come in and talk about it. I was twelve and the nurse asked my mother if she had ever talked to me about sex. The answer was no, I wasn't old enough for sex so why talk about it. Well the nurse talked about it and knowing I was a latchkey kid she showed me how to put condoms on a banana and gave me condoms to keep at home in case some man came around and wouldn't leave. My mother found the condoms and punished me for having them.

    I was fourteen and the man stood there looking at me. He took my pants off and took his pants off and I stared at his cock, I knew he was going to fuck me. He took me to my bedroom and said the bed was too small so we went to my mother's bed and he laid me on the bed and stood over me and jerked himself until he was hard again, stuck his fingers in me until I was wet and got on and fucked me. I thought I was going to hate it but I didn't, I liked it. The school nurse from grade school had told me that if I needed to speak to her to come by and she would take care of me.

    I went to see her and told her what had happened. She quizzed me about my timing, she remembered how unpredictable I was and she told me not to let him fuck me again until we were sure I was OK or pregnant. The next time I put the condom on him and he fucked me with it on. What I liked was holding his hard cock and rolling the condom on. Maybe that's why I have always liked holding hard cocks. The nurse followed me and when I had my period she wanted me to start on the pill. She followed up with me every week and kept tabs on how often I had sex and she found out who the man was and said he was all right he just wanted a girlfriend.

    She talked to the counselors in high school and I was put into classes with the good kids and I passed better than them, including Latin. I took AP courses and I did well on the SAT and she helped me apply for scholarships and between my grades and my low income I got into a good college. In college I had to work and I dated and had sex with several guys and my grade school nurse kept having me tested and telling me to slow down and get a steady boy and not fuck around like that. In my senior year I met him and we stayed together after we graduated and two years later we got married.

    I got screwed in the ass one night. Not my first time, but that time I wasn't ready and ended up with an infected and torn anus and it burned and hurt and my boss at work noticed that I was walking funny and asked me if I was OK and I told him my husband had torn me a new asshole. Well that went over pretty bad, he gave me a talking to about not having anal sex, just don't do it. He didn't like my husband after that and pretty much split us up. My boss took over and got me divorced and then had me live with him. He didn't like the way I always talked abut sex, he said I should have more self control and since I was 29 I should start thinking about settling down and having kids. I told him if he wanted me to have kids then he should fuck me and not talk to me about self control. I took my clothes off in his living room and told him to do it or stop running my life.

    He has a real hard time with my sex drive, I told him I didn't like condoms and I didn't tell him that I had stopped taking the pill, I had one thing on my mind and I was going to get it out of him. That's how I got him to marry me, shamed him in front of his sisters for getting me pregnant. That is why I live the way I do, where I do and why I am married into a good family. I can't help my sex drive, it is on all the time and my husband wants me to go see a therapist because I am oversexed. I don't want to talk to a therapist, I want him to do me in the ass, I give him my ass but he pushes me over to do me missionary. I want it in the ass, I want to be his bitch not just his wife. I know his sisters were all saved for marriage, but that is not me. I am girl from the other side of town and I don't like being petted and told to settle down, I am not his dog. I want to be his bitch.

    That's how I am where I am today, I married a guy from a real good family that has lots of money and he makes lots of money. I just live that way now.

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