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    Recently my mother in law and I made plans to do some shopping. She came over to my house and was in my bedroom as I tried on some old clothes to see what I should keep or toss to get an idea of what I might want to buy. I was changing in and out of clothes, so was semi-nude at times, but didn't think much of it as we chatted away. I had a bathing suit I wasn't sure if I should keep, so I stripped down naked to try it on.

    When my MIL saw me, she remarked on my shaved pussy. "I haven't seen a grown woman smooth like that," she said. I was standing near my closet and she came right over and asked if she could touch me. I kind of blushed and said "okay,' not sure what else to do. She ran her hand and fingers over my bald pussy. She asked a few more questions about how it felt, how often I shaved, and kept remarking how nice I looked. The entire time, her fingers were touching me. I kept blushing and giggling a bit as I answered her questions, too polite to tell her to stop.

    Much to my embarrassment, I started to get wet, and she noticed. "Do you like how that feels?" she asked. Now, I really began to blush. I started to stammer and said, "I think so." She kept touching me, running her finger up and down my smooth lips until I was quite wet and then I felt her finger nudge inside of me. I froze, feeling half scared, half excited and having no idea what was going on, or what to do.

    We were standing just inches from each other and she kept stroking her finger in and out of my now very wet pussy. I felt my body surrender to what was happening. I leaned against my closet door and parted my legs slightly, letting her finger me more easily. Very quickly, I felt myself rushing towards an orgasm. I don't remember how long it took. It seemed like forever, yet I know I was gasping and having spasms in just a minute or two. Finally, when I calmed down, my MIL pulled her fingers out of me and sucked on them and then she kissed me. She smiled and said, "next time, it's your turn," and then said we better go.

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    Wow, very hot story. Did it make it feel dirtier because it was your husbands own mother who did this to you? She knows her sonâs cock and mouth goes there and she had a taste too ;)
    Very kinky
    8 days ago
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    Wow, yes, very hot.
    So when will this "next time" occur?
    Have you talked to her since or fantasized about it?

    #1 has an interesting point.
    She knows her son's cock and mouth go there.

    No doubt she had this in mind for awhile.
    Do you think she's ever done anything with your husband, her son?

    I encourage you to proceed.
    Please keep us informed and post more.

    8 days ago
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    To those who commented, yes it felt quite shocking to have my MIL touch me sexually, nor had I ever been touched sexually by another woman, so the episode was doubly unnerving and shocking to me. My MIL is one of those domineering women, so that partly explains my reluctance to put a stop to it. Of course, when she put her finger in me, I felt myself swept away and didn't really want to stop.

    I hadn't thought of what her actions meant as the mother of my husband, which is bizarre but not impossible. Looking back, I can see that she had been a little flirtatious with me before this happened, so I guess I should have not been so shocked, but still, my MIL doing that?!

    She has already whispered to me that she is looking forward to her turn. To say I'm nervous is putting it mildly. I've never been with another woman before. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to return the favor.
    7 days ago
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    OP, If you decide to return the favor, are you going to restrict yourself to fingering her and tasting her pussy indirectly? Have you given any thought to licking her pussy and tasting those juices direct?
    7 days ago
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    This is Commenter #2.

    "you're tempted to return the favor"
    IOW you get turned on thinking about it.

    Have you ever talked to your husband about taboos?
    Might be an interesting topic.
    You'll know right away if he's gone there with his mother.

    Give MIL her turn.
    And keep posting.
    4 days ago

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