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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 53

    I liked cocks when I was still in gym class in the showers. One day when we were in the seventh grade we were at a friend's house, about five of us and we started rough housing and wrestling and I ended up with my face in the crotch of one of the other boys. I really liked that. I went to camp in the summer with scouts and part of our duties was to wash down the showers with these big brushes in our bathing suits. We had soap all over us and we decided to do it naked. We all had pubes by then and all those naked cocks. That night I got an erection in bed and masturbated in my sleeping bag. The next morning one of the boys told me he heard me beating off.

    With the same boy I was at his house and he suggested that we beat off together, he had some girly magazines and we set the fold outs on the bed and masturbated. He was masturbating to the girl and I was masturbating to his cock. That day for sure I felt like sucking his cock. I wanted to masturbate with him but that was a one time thing, he gave me the magazines but I never cared for them.

    In band, we were in our senior year and coming back from a football game one of the boys took out his cock and started beating off in the back of the bus. It became a competition and several boys had their cocks out, beautiful cocks, all the boys had circumcised cocks and everyone was white. I beat off to myself watching the boys in the back of the bus. Frankly at that time I never paid attention to the girls who were sitting up front, but I heard through my sister that one of the girls complained to the band director but that is as far as it went.

    That was the first time I was aware that girls knew that guys beat off. I got curious about girls and what they did and forced my sister to tell me. She made up something that sounded lame. She wasn't able to stop me taking her pants down and it was the first time I looked at a girl's pussy. She went compliant and let me look inside her pussy and after a while told me that was enough and to show her my cock.

    I went to the movies with some friends, it was the summer before college and at that time we ran in packs, we went to the movies and in the bathroom I stood beside an older man who had on a tie and white shirt and watched him pee, staring at his cock. He asked me into the stall and sat me on the toilet and gave me his cock to suck. It was like the doors of desire opened up, I sucked him and he had to hold my head in the right position by grabbing my hair and mouth fucking me. He took his cock out of my mouth and jerked off with his hand shooting his stuff on my face. That's how I met the man that ran the movie theater. I got free movie passes and sucked his cock in his office and got good enough to where he could jerk off while I sucked him and I got my taste for cum. He later fucked me. I was off to the races by the time I went to college.

    The rest of the story is that I have always had a love for cock, I am a cock sucker, I am a bottom and love to fuck, but I am a cock sucker.

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    I started pretty early bottoming with older teenagers when I was in primary school. I had a magnificent ass and horny 14 and 15 year olds were all over it. Out of the frustration of a few too many boys I sucked it for the first time, just to give my butt a little rest. I found out that I was a natural, lol.
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    It turned me on reading your post. I think male cocksuckers make it sound more exciting than females. Appreciate you posting.
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    Yes, thanks! I wish there still was a place locally to find older/younger cocks/cocksuckers. Oh how I miss Craigs and porn theaters!

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