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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 43

    Are there any females out there that love beastiality or really wanting to try it?
    What have you done?
    Or what are your fantasies?
    Id love to see a female get excited if the saw a dog cock or even a horse cock n willing to get covered in all its cum.
    If ur intterested let me know.

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    If you are on this website you know it's true. My first husband introduced me to the love of canine sex with our two shepherds. I have been fucked by ponies and donkeys. It can be addictive. I have enjoyed drinking all their cum. I miss those days.
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    Where you from? How old are you? Please tell me more
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    #2 Who are you asking?
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    My wife played with our dogâs dick and got it hard and let me take pictures while she was playing with it.
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    I wrote the question n im asking #2
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    I am the first comment about enjoying beastiality. I'm 70. It started when I was 22. I was great wild times. My husbands uncle had the pony and the donkeys. My pussy made love to 12 and 14 inch donkey cocks.
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    #6 where are you from? Sounds wild have you had kids that have taken over this fettish?
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    #7 No kids. Why does it matter where I am from?

    Sadly those days are over but I have wonderful memories.
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    My wife let our nieghbours staffie lick her c**t as she stroked his sheath & his pink rod came out. I told her to guide him into her sticky hole as he started to hump. Then the nieghbour called her dog & he ran off out the back door. So close.
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    I am into dog sex for more than 10 yrs now. It is the best fucks a woman could have ever expected. I am now in mid-40s and still love dog-fucks whenever I want to or he wants. His strokes are intense, powerful and like stabbing the length of your pussy to the end and when he ejaculates as the knot grows inside you, it gives you the most vulgar orgasms. Even after you reach orgasms and almost spent, he will lick your pussy clean giving you some more mini orgasmic feelings to enjoy!!

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