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    Late last year my older brother drunkenly confessed to fucking my ex girlfriend three years previously. Not once, but several times when I was away on service. The following day he had absolutely no recollection of saying what he did, but by then it was too late for me.
    The sudden break down of my relationship with my ex had broken my heart. And it was my older brother who consoled me at the time, telling me how much of a bitch she'd been to me. And how he'd heard she was a slut anyway.
    In March and only through a lot of beseeching by our sister, I attended his wedding to his beautiful wife Emily. When they returned back from their honeymoon, she phoned me and asked if I'd meet up with her.
    In a cafe my brothers wife told me during their honeymoon, her new husband had blurted out during a long alcohol filled night, he'd once slept with an ex of mine Whilst I was away. Again my brother didn't remember saying anything the following day, as she gently probed to what he'd meant the night before.
    I listened to her telling me and heard the guilt she felt for him. Then out of the blue as I'd changed the subject, Emily asked me if I'd like to try and erase the hurt. Asking her what she meant, she leaned over, put her right hand down onto my cock bulge and told me she always liked me.
    Although, and believe me I was tempted to go with her to their home, which was only a couple of hundred yards away for sex, I told her I wasn't my brother.
    Nothing happened between us, even though we saw each other lots of times from then until earlier this month. Out with some friends, I bumped into Emily who had just left my brother pissed up in their home. He was apparently bragging how he loved getting one over on the so called big cocked little brother (Me) of his, when I was away.
    She said she'd seen me earlier going into the pub, and had decided I was going to fuck her. Telling me it was now or never I followed her outside and we got into a taxi.
    It took only minutes to reach my home, but by the time we got out of the cab, she and I had already kissed like lovers and I'd had my hand up her short skirt feeling her hot pussy through her knickers. The taxi driver gave me a look as we exited and said "You lucky sod".
    Not even closing the front door properly to my flat, Emily went down on me. She pulled my jeans down, and my boxers and I watched as her face lit up. Instantly sucking in my semi hard cock, I told myself I'm going to fuck her like I've never fucked any woman.
    And that's precisely what we did for over three wonderful sexually sordid filled hours. Over that time she licked, sucked every single inch of my cock and balls, an had me doing the same to her pussy and arsehole.
    Fucking her was an amazing experience too. Her mouth, pussy and arsehole all took a hammering as she guided me practically in most of the positions she wanted me to fuck her in. When I was fucking her pussy from behind the first time, Emily had me use a thumb to fuck her arsehole at the time. As my thumb slid into her rear hole, my brothers wife told me, this was a position he'd stupidly bragged to own wife, he'd fucked my ex in.
    From then on, we just had the most awesome time doing everything sexual you can possibly fit into those amazing hours we spent together.
    By the time I'd cum deep inside Emily for the third time, she'd orgasmed countless times and I'd not stopped feeling so elated to being making love to such a wonderful person.
    Before she left for home, I spent an age kissing and licking her whole body. And finished off by making her orgasm from tonguing out her cum filled holes. She kissed me then passionately and later told me, she'd kissed her husband on getting into bed with him, passing on any remaining cum she'd had in her mouth from our kiss.
    Emily has continued to visit me at my flat for sex, and we've also just recently had sex in their home too. I know and understand two wrongs don't make a right. Yet my brother even now is I believe, still bragging how he once shagged my ex girlfriend, knowing how much I loved her at the time.
    Well he'll have to deal with that hurt soon, as Emily and I are leaving town to start over together. She'll be leaving him a note on the bed I've just had two wonderful hours on, having some really dirty sex.
    Brotherly love, I don't think so.

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