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    Straight Female / 28

    I grew up in a small town, single mother who worked as the secretary for the School Superintendent. During puberty and for fifteen years later I suffered from Acne. That and very low self esteem. No wonder that I never dated, never got kissed, never got felt up. Except in my dreams. In my dreams I was hot, and fantasized I was the main character of the lovelorn novels I read and devoured.

    I got a certification in elementary education and thanks to my mother's boss I got a job in the school district. I actually started making as much as my mother, enough for me to move into an apartment. I supplemented my income working part time at the Christian bookstore. But now that I was living alone I ordered my first sex toy. So much better than my household inspirations. I also ordered some graphic sex novels. The Princess stolen from her father's tent and ravaged by the outlaw under the desert moon. And with my toy it all came alive.

    I was never fat or skinny, too tall or short, a bit tall at five six, and solid thighs and butt. My boobs were never an item for me, I liked my ass, a woman's ass like the novels said, childbearing ass.

    I went to look at a furnished garage apartment in the nice part of town. The lady was widowed and she liked I was a school teacher and Christian bookstore clerk. I got a reduction in rent, bigger and furnished apartment and I could use her washer and dryer. I looked out my window the first Saturday I was there, the man was mowing the lawn, it was hot and he took off his shirt, I found my trusted toy and stood at the window with my toy up my pussy. I was in dreamland when he pushed the mower past my window and saw me going fast and strong. He just stood there, I came out of my dream standing there with my silicone dick in my pussy.

    We stared at each other for that minute while I pulled my toy dick out and covered myself with my dress, turned and walked into the bedroom and screamed. My embarrassment was so bad that I missed work for a week.

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