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    Straight Female / 49

    Married and raised a family, so things were pretty tight financially, better now as the kids are grown. We never took a summer holiday abroad when the kids were smaller, we used to holiday on he North Norfolk coast and although it is a beautiful part of the UK, it was not as exciting as places I would hear all my married and single girls friends talk about.

    The kids loved it though. Then when they hit the teenage years we ventured to Palma Nova on the Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea. It was a whole new experience for me and the kids, my husband was taken with it as the European beaches were way more liberal than UK ones.

    The nights were warm and filled with great restaurants and bars and the days were hot and made for the beach, the kids were off doing their own thing. Most mornings both myself and my husband would wake long before the kids and would take the opportunity to head to the lovely beach and have an early morning swim. Normally it was almost deserted, only a few stragglers from the previous nights entertainment in nearby Magaluf. Or maybe or or two dedicated swimmers.

    I had my bikini on under a pair of loose shorts and tee shirt, my husband had just worn shorts and carried a tee shirt and both our towels. We made our way to our normal spot, laid the towels on the sand and I took off my tee shirt and shorts. I'm not a prude, but since we had been on holiday I had not gone topless, so entered the sea in my bikini, very skimpy, the bottoms had a tie string at the side and the top part was a normal bikini top. My husband was in the sea, swimming and joking about sharks, not funny, I thought at the time.

    The warm sea and gentle motion of the waves were extremely relaxing, I could feel my boobs rise and fall with the gentle swell of the sea. I called my husband over. He thought something was wrong and was by my side in a flash. He asked if I were OK, I replied "yes, however there is one thing you can help me with", "what's that?" he replied. So I explained that I wanted him to take off my bikini top so my boobs could float free. He quickly undid my top and removed it. God what a difference, the warm water and sunshine directly on my naked breasts felt wonderful, my nipples responded and I watched as they bobbed up and down. I then had a senior moment and untied my bikini bottoms and removed them. I was naked swimming in the sea! I felt so free, I did the back stroke for my husband and he could not believe I was totally naked swimming! I then did the breast stroke and wow how good did that feel, I was opening my legs to do the breast stroke and could feel the warm sea water caress my naked buttox and vagina.

    It felt so exciting I was getting carried away and we both failed to notice an elderly Spanish couple who had come to the beach for an early morning swim, had they seen me, could they see me swimming naked? That thought added to my excitement. Before I got out of the sea I put my top and bottoms back on, but I felt energized and alive and vowed that when ever possible I would swim naked, or a dip in the nip as my more racy girl friends calls it.

    Since that amazing incident, I have swum naked in rivers, lakes, the warm Atlantic around the Canary's, never from a nudist beach, always from secluded beaches, lakes or river banks, always with my husband, in case I was seen and that could lead to a nasty confrontation. How would I defend my modesty when nude?

    Part of the excitement was the possibility of being seen, so made swimming naked in a pool my next objective, this would be difficult, but as luck would have it we were in Lanzarote in the Canary's for a 10 day break and over lapping by 4 days was my older sisters holiday, we were staying in apartments in the new town and she and her partner, as she had never married, had rented a 2 bed villa close by. Now I wasn't going to swim nude in front of my sister and her partner, so we had to be clever about when I would get the chance to.

    They told us they were doing one of the Cat cruises and we would see them later for a drink, so Once they were on their way we headed up to their villa. We made sure no one was about and that the pool was not over looked. Once we were sure all was clear I just stripped off and entered the pool, oh joy! The water was warm and the gentle jets from the side of the pool were at just the correct height to either stimulate my boobs or if I lay on my back, my bottom or my vagina, of course my husband was enjoying watching me nude in the pool. He joined me and caresses my bottom and my boobs. Gently he slipped a finger in my naked vagina and ran it past my clit, the water and the fondling was having the desired effect on me. I was getting really excited and my nipples were large and hard. My husband started kissing me and I tugged his shorts down and took his cock in my hand, we moved to the shallow end and I was able to lie down and let him enter me in the water, wow what a thrill, it felt lovely, I was naked, laying on my back in a pool getting rightly fucked.

    We were enjoying each other so much I didn't want the moment to end. I have now sum naked in the sea, the ocean, lakes, rivers and now a pool. Naked as the day I was born, did I want to be seen naked, part of me wanted it so badly, would I take that risk? I didn't have to think about that any longer as unknown to us, my sister and her partner had come back to the villa as the cruise had been cancelled due to a technical issue with the Cat, they had been watching us for the past hour. I was pretty embarrassed as my sisters partner was staring at my boobs and quite possibly had seen my naked bum and pussy? He did make a comment about my breasts and bottom, which I took as a compliment, my sister commented about the size of my husbands penis and balls, which he didn't take as a compliment!

    After ward we all laughed about it and my sister said if we wanted to come back tomorrow maybe we could all swim in the pool naked!

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