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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I put bi but have not had any sex with a female, other than feeling up one of my cousins once when we were about 12 and she was getting hair on her pussy.

    I have always been very small in height, weight, and general size. Even now I'm 5ft. 7in tall, weigh 120lbs, and only have a 26 inch waist. When I was a young freshman in high school I had a super crush on this blonde freshman and was making some progress talking with her. One day, I was coming in to the showers after having to run laps after school as a punishment from the gym teacher. Some of the older JV kids from the team hit the showers when I did. I only had a little hair above my little cock, which is about 5" long and an inch wide when I'm fully hard. The guys teased me about it, and even took turns coming up to me and rubbing their big cocks against my "pussy" or against my ass. I told them to stop but they wouldn't. Two of the guys were really hard. One of them soaped up his cock a lot and as he walked over to me told his friends his girlfriend dumped him and he needed some pussy.

    Before it was over, I'd been fucked in my ass by 3 of the guys. The next day the first guy who initiated my ass, told me I had to meet him behind the school. I was forced, punched, and stripped and had to suck his cock in his car, then got fucked in the backseat by three other guys who were watching. After that it was spread all over school that I was a faggot and took cock in my mouth and ass. The girl I was interested in just outright asked me about it and I told her it wasn't my fault the guys just made me do it, after beating me. She stayed away from me and even told the other girls that I admitted it to her.

    After that I became anyones fucktoy, mostly guys who were jocks and would get me away from everyone so no one would know that they "fucked the faggot". I had at least 10 guys who were coming around all the time, I was getting fucked every day at least once, giving at least 2 BJ's and on weekends I was passed around like a softdrink with a straw. Within 3 weeks I had sucked 13 different guys, and 18 guys had fucked me, all multiple times.

    There was nothing I could do, I couldn't defend myself, no one else was going to do it. So I just became everyones cum toy, their sperm bank, their faggot sissy. I now dress as much as I can as a girl, have shoulder length hair that is conditioned and styled just right, I wear makeup and I go on fuck dates a lot. With my small cock, and my small body I don't think there is a choice.

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